• Have a very serious talk with the child's parents. Abusing animals is an early sign of sociopathic behavior. I would be careful about how this was presented but definitely urge counseling. How absolutely terrible. I am so sorry for your ordeal, my friend.
  • I would move to keep my pets safe.
  • i would hire a thug to beat him up. i don't know. i'd probably fight fire with fire. put superglue in all of the locks of his house and glue his mailbox shut. something minor, but mean.
  • OMG, thats one sicko you're dealing with, those crimes often lead onto much bigger ones, thats a worry, Id move actually, or hope like hell that loser moves away , becuase hes young, he may have a sudden life changing event take place in his life, who knows, it may even be for the better, but keep your distance from him, keep your pets locked up if you can, keep the police informed of any strange incidents in the neighbourhood, take notes, take photos, anything ............
  • i am sorry about the cats. now i realize why my 4 are indoors only.
  • That's horrible!Sorry about your pets.I really don't know what I'd do.It seems as if you've tried the best you can.
  • If I thought we wouldn't get caught, I'd get half a dozen neighbors to shoot him with BBs as he walked out of his house one day.
  • call child protective services, report him as a danger.
  • I would take my frustration out on something of value of the teenager. The lesson that should have been taught to this teenage punk by the court system needs to be addressed. But thats just me. Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. :(
  • Call the humane society and ask their advice. Be sure to tell them the whole story. You might have grounds to get a restraining order against the person. Unfortunately, with crime on the uprise and police departments being squeezed by the funding cutbacks, you need to try different avenues of support.
  • I am so sorry to hear about your cats, Shan. Without reading the other answers I suggest to call for a neighborhood meeting in a neutral place. To confront the family of the cat murderer in person will be in vain, I think, because they all will go into the defense mode. Invite the local radio channel or TV channel, at least lay the facts clear to them. Maybe the media will approach the judge and will make sure the case will be a live one, not a technicality. When you will see the case on TV - that is a positive thing in your case and will change the habits of your neighborhood. We had and still have cats - we made sure that they stayed out of other properties. We use leashes and dog cages. Our cat is outside when she is under our continuous supervision. She accepts that and is happy, she goes all by herself into the open cage and lays down to sleep.... A big hug from me, Shan!
  • Have my family make sure I don't go bludgeon him to death, people who kill animals like that for joy & without purpose HAVE no purpose.
  • What was the technicality?
  • shoot the kids father, mother, and one of his friends with a BB gun, then bludgeon the kid to death. Seriously, though, if the parents let the kid have a BB gun, there's a good chance that they're redneck yokle hambeasts who think the whole thing is hilarious. There's no reasoning with jerks like that.
  • I would beat the kid and say he slipped and fell.
  • I would get all decked out in camouflage paint my face and get a water gun a real looking one and scare the you know what out of him one night, I would never let on it was me either maybe he needs to know hes not the toughest thing out there and might have a change of attitude.
  • Hi Shan, I'm very sorry to know of your loss. I have had many pets throughout my life, and I know that it is devastating to lose one regardless of the reason, but especially in such a senseless way. If that had happened to me, I would truly want to seek some kind of revenge, but I believe that Karma will come around one day when that punk least expects it. (((HUGS))) from me and my cats, Jubi and Ally.
  • I am sorry to hear about your loss.I really don't know what you would do but I cried when my two dogs were shot by the neighbour poultry farm owner and thrown in the river when I was small! I can only complain like you did. But the ultimate justice would be meted out for sure by forces beyond your ken!Let the universe do what is necessary!
  • I am sorry to learn of your loss my friend. Please give my condolences to your S/O. I have said for decades "You show me a person that doesn't like cats and I'll show you a person with deep psychological problems". This is a very serious issue. Most serial killers started out with similar behaviors. Don't underestimate the danger of this young man. Good luck and be safe.
  • Too bad you don't have our Oregon laws. It's a felony here. Maybe you ought to try to get it into legislation. Yes the kid shows signs of sociopathic behaviors. However, therapy won't work with this type of personality disorder. They only way is to control them and it's through fear. He needs to be afraid of something. It sounds like talking to the father won't matter, and the father probably controls the mother. Since he just turned 18 hopefully he wlll be out of the house soon. I think taking it to the media would be a good idea. There are many many people out there that hate animal abusers, and the media would hop on something like this. I also like the camoflage idea too. Scare the living crap out of the guy. Make him so paranoid that he'll will be looking over his shoulder evertime he walks out the door. And when he does walk out the door, everyone should come out of their houses and stare him down.
  • I'd be back before the judge but they might have a hard time finding the body!!

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