• If you both download and sign up for Skype, you can call each other for free. You can call anywhere in the world for free as long as the person you are calling is a Skype user. References:
  • Go out on your roof and scream FRANCE! What? It's free!
  • the yahoo talk feature is fairly good skype is better
  • Depends if you want to tak computer - computer or call to a real telephone. If computer - computer, skype can call anywhere with high speed internet, not just france. if you want to call phones. Voipstunt is so cheap it's almost free - 10 euros gives you 4 months free calls to many countries including france, and then 1000 minutes paid calls ( They even let you do free trial calls from their web site
  • Skype has been mentioned, and I've heard it's better. I've use icall, which is a free VOIP service. If you both have it you can call anyone with high speed internet service. It can also be used like Vonage or other VOIP to call regular phone lines.
  • Move there, then it will be a local call...
  • I should have clarified "Call France from USA" using my Computer; Looking to call Landline, for FREE!
  • If you get a microphone for your computer, download instant messenger on Yahoo, you can talk to anyone else who you arrange to talk with as long as they're on IM at the same time. You can arrange this by emailing them. It's not as convenient as calling them, but it's totally free.
  • If you're in the US, get Vonage as your phone provider. Free calls to the whole of the US and Canada for about $25 and parts of Europe as well, including France and the UK.

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