• Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'.... Around here we have the Wild Life Sanctuary, they will take in all sorts of wild beasties. I bet if you call the pound they will have a phone number or a name in your area for wild life. however ravens are not endangered (yet) so they may not be able to do anything for them. So looks like you get to tend a sick bird. Get a box or something fairly large that can offer some protection from cats and other predators. Cut a hole big enough for the bird to hobble in to it. Don't try to put the bird in the box. Instead put the box as close to the bird as you can get without making the bird try to run. Ravens eat rodents, insects, grain, fruit, bird eggs and refuse (kitchen wastes). They consume much carrion, especially in winter and will even prey upon sick and injured animals. They also drink water - not much, but you might want to put some in a disposable tray/shallow bowl type thing. again as close to the bird without terrifying it. If you have the box out then but the water (and food) near the door. Walk away, leave the bird alone. Keep children, dogs and other family members away. go about your normal life. Occasionally 2-3 times a day look out and see if its still there, check its water dish and provide food when needed. DO NOT try to capture the bird, DO NOT try to treat the bird - Birds carry all manner of pests and diseases - you THINK that this is an injured leg, never know this good be an exotic form of Bird Flu - yeah I purposefully threw something out there to scare you because frankly dealing with wild animals and their potential illnesses can be as life threatening to you as it is to them. If you want you can call a few Vet clinics/hospitals and see if any of them want to deal with a fallen Raven. They might have better advise. Do not be too disappointed if the bird dies no matter how much food and water you give it. Wild life has short life spans, its a harsh world out there.
  • Aw it always makes me sad to find out about hurt or injured birds. But really, don't touch him. He could have a ton of diseases that you REALLY don't want. Poor guy. :( Try to look for any kind of wildlife refuges in your area. We have one here in where I am dedicated to birds. :) I hope the little guy makes it. Ravens are so smart. good luck.
  • maybe you should try calling animal control and see what they say or take the raven to the vet

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