• I don't tip when I pick up unless the order was difficult or was complicated somehow. And then it's only a buck or two. I think that since the tip jar is there, they expect it to be full.
  • They want tips just for looking at you. Maybe we should all just tip everyone everywhere who shows up and remotely performs their job function.
  • I've never even thought of tipping when I get pick up food. I'm paying for the food. I'm not having someone wait on me or serve me. Maybe I've been mistaken all these years?! Are we also supposed to tip when we pick up burger orders from Burger King, Macdonalds or Hardees? Phooey!
  • its the old guilt trip trick. stink eye. schmink eye. i think its a bit much to give dirty looks over carryout orders. they werent providing any special service ~ they just packaged up your food. big whoop! i dont think its a standard societal practice to tip on carryout orders. i rarely tip on carryout orders unless they did something extra special, and at most i give a dollar or the change from my order.
  • Maybe they just don't like you bro... no you're not supposed to tip them then but it'd be nice *shrugs*
  • Hey, they owe YOU for their business, you didn't have to go there. If I worked in a place like that, I would't expect a tip. And not to be a racist, but why are they almost always Chinese food places?
  • I tip for service not for product. I don't think you owe them a tip for just ordering food, hell you are already paying for that.
  • They did not wait on me so they have not earned a tip. I wouldn't.
  • I think it depends on the restaurant. Fast food, or minimal at best. But at a sit down restaurant, I'd say yes (although not as much as dining in since they are not following up on your satisfaction). Reason: At a sit down establishment the waitstaff is typically making minimum waitstaff wage (lower than ordinary minimum wage) or not much over it. Carry out orders take them away from tipping tables to take your order and bag it up.
  • ...But its better to get the ole stink eye, than have spit in your face, right? ;)jk Minimum wage, people can barely buy gas with that...
  • That is a fair question since most don't know how restaraunts work behind the scenes. I have worked at 6 different restaraunts over the past 10 years in a variety of settings. I know that most restaraunt staff in the FRONT OF HOUSE(aka: not kitchen help) make minimum wage or less, and earn at least 30% of their living off tips. If it is a busy night in the restaraunt and the people at the front took the time to ensure your order was correct, warm, and priced as expected, then tip them! You don't see behind the scenes, but those hosts (the people at the door) are near the bottom of the restaraunt chain of command and tip process. They also have a dozen other tasks to perform which help the waiters jobs run smoothly. So if the hosts are spending good time on you, the waiters are possibly clearing their own tables, answering the phone, and rolling their own silverware; hence, they will not tip the hosts out as well at the end of the night. That is because the hosts are helping customers the waiters will never see. Host customers. Who should appreciate their good service and tip them accordingly.
  • I'll tip if I pick up an order at a place I go to often. I never put a tip in the tip jar at fast food places though. (Like Quizno's)

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