• Revenge and legal cannot be said in the same sentence. You need to tell officials and they will deal with it.
  • Everything is legal if you don't get caught.
  • Sue her for fraud. Or ignore it, that's probably the best thing to do. Don't get into little one-uping wars with people.
  • You should pretend that nothing happened.
  • well heare is a list for revenge 1. do the same back to her x3 2. tell people at school or collage that she slept with you and then dumped you (you know make her look like a whore) 3. prank her 4. dont do 1 and 3 cuz u might get in alot of troubble 5. sue her for that take her to court!!!
  • Ignore her. She's begging for your attention and trying to irritate you. Act like nothing happened and it will infuriate her. Sure, she may try something more drastic, but hold out. After #2, they always give up, because they realize you can't be made to lose your cool. Nothing happened.
  • Revenge is never the answer. Don't stoop to her level. Just move one and act like it never happened. And think about this, if you really want to get back at her, ignoring her will piss her off big time. trust me.
  • Ignore it and she will run out of steam and leave you alone. If you keep engaging her, she will keep doing things like this. Immature? Yes, but my advice is to act like it never happened.
  • Forget about revenge... it will only give her reason to seek revenge on you and the circle will have begun. If your only damages were the 100s of phone calls and dozens of visits... let it go; it's not worth your time or energy to seek justice. Kharma has a way of working things out.
  • Don't let her know that she got to you. It's what she wants. Just act like nothing happened.
  • sign her up on a "sexy singles" website, with a photo of her half naked, and her phone number. actually. don't do that. I think she'd be able to take legal action for that one.
  • Tell her that you got chatting to someone who rang you up and you're going on a date with her - so thanks a lot! She will be raging.
  • The fgdabowdt answers were the correct ones but if you can't just let it go and you want to continue the war, how about putting her phone number in the looking for love column?
  • Sign her up for mobile phone stuff like, a ringtone a day or something. It'll cost a bomb :) Time to love subscriptions Mwah ha ha

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