• Room 2.
  • If the lions haven't eaten in years I'd take that room as either they are dead or, miraculously, they are alive but can't even pick themselves off the floor. If somehow they were healthy though I'd take door 3 with the traps. It would make for some interesting fun.
  • Id pick room #2.
  • Room three, Because You never said they had to be deadly traps, or even large traps - it could be a room of mousetraps. If they are deadly traps, I'll go with room one, and take my chances.
  • Room #2. If the lions haven't eaten in years they have probably starved to death and are no threat to me. :-)
  • The animal lover in me is saying room 2. My death wouldn't be meaningless there. :P
  • After reading the answers i'd say room 2 for the agreement of the logic that the lions are dead. Aside from that, if they were still alive, i'd take room #1 to make it fast and painless.
  • I am going to room 1 with the assassins. Reason #1 - They are well trained. That means they are professionals. They do not kill anyone that they have not been paid or assigned to kill. I am sure that I am not on their list. Reason #2 - They are all in the room together. They don't work that way. They work alone and in secret. Reason #3 - As much as I deplore their profession, I am sure that there is much I can learn if they are willing to talk. Even if they are not, it would be interesting to observe how they live and interact when they are not "on the job." Superior Question!!! As many points as I can give.
  • I'm not escaping a room full of trained killers, or ravenous animals. So I'm going to say room 3 because quite simply, I might be able to out think the traps and survive.
  • I'd probably go with room 2 as well because of the reasoning that the lions would either be dead or too weak to attack.
  • I'd choose room 1, with the assasins. For all I know, I am not even their mark. They will just see me and be like "Hmm.. not our guy."
  • Room 2....
  • I'll take my chance in room number 3, where I at least have a chance.

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