• Not on a busy street Basement Fenced in yard
  • The subprime mortgage conditions of the US economy would have to be seriously dealt with before I got involved in real estate!!!!!!!
  • Good question. For Jim..a 3-car garage and a yard large enough to have a vegetable garden and some fruit trees (citrus..lemon, orange, lime). For me, a large kitchen and tons of storage space. Lots of windows..not fond of dark interiors. I love the light. As for the rest of the home..well, at least 3 bedrooms and two baths..having the garage attached to the house is wonderful..that's what we have now in the house we rent and we love it! A nice neighborhood within walking distance to know, grocery store, drugstore, office supplies, post office, restaurants! :)
  • An indoor toilet. A sink. Doors and windows. Wiring would be nice but I could use a generator if I had to.
  • If you look up and see daylight, I'd leave immediately......................

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