• If you are making patties etc, boil up some red lentils and mix them in. They are not noticeable, but will streth the meat. Same with meat sauces.
  • Make meatloaf with lots of filler.
  • more casseroles and "one-dish" type meals. (includes spaghetti and macaroni). Thick stews or soups with lots of potatoes and carrots. Chop meat in smaller pieces. Make meat gravy to put on bisquits, mashed potatoes, rice. Add more vegetables to your dishes. Beans are excellent source of protein. You can add a minimal amount of meat just for taste. Try different recipes for variety and serve at least 2 times a month. As long as they get the TASTE of meat they won't mind. Once or twoice a month or depending on your budget make full servings.

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