• Yes, I have. Booze and food became my best friends. I went having a stomach like this to weighing almost 400 pounds, and spent many nights drunker than this girl.
  • Yes, I dated someone who could be Mr. wonderful one minute and Mr. critical the next.. he could be cruel when he wanted to and he made me feel really bad about myself at times and made me doubt myself. When I realized he could be cruel, I waited until I had a chance to bring up the subject and told him if he ever laid a hand on me, I would call the police in a hearbeat. He never laid a hand on me, and I'm not saying he would have, but I had that nagging question in the back of my mind and wanted to protect myself - that should have been a loud warning alarm for me.. no one should ever live that way - but what did I know? I was in love.
  • Yes - only someone you love unguardedly can hurt you so deeply.
  • Yes I dated someone who lied to me, cheated on me, and purposely brought drama in to my life. She broke up with me would bring the other guy around in front me. It was one of the best things that ever happened. In the end she wanted me back but I was already gone. Taught me so much about life and love.
  • Sure did, he slept with my best friend on my birthday and I caught them.
  • just the second i dont love the cruelest (my father) My amiga, mi amore, she saved me from the dark, gave me light. Made me feel again. I love her and still do. Before her i was just an empty soul seeking truth. But in the beginning when i met her, i no longer felt pain. I no longer wanted an end. She turned and obliterated my heart. Now i feel worse than before. but i still love her. im confused and lonesome. i dont know what to do. I know she needs to be helped and i dont know what to do when she pushes away from me. She gave my life a meaning and then took it away. im left remembering the times we laughed and started getting closer, then when she began to lie to me breaking me away chunk by chunk. I should have figured out she was starting to get into trouble. But to push me away and hurt me dearly? What is her reason, what is it really? i dont know anymore.
  • That would be impossible. That would mean I had low self-esteem and thought so little of myself that I deserved this abuse. I am not a masochist. First I have to respect someone before I can love someone. I wouldn't respect anyone who was cruel. The moment I discovered that a person were mean/nasty/ugly/vindictive/cruel..whatever..well, that person would be out of my life! :) ((hugs))
  • I did. It was an extremely manipulative situation that almost caused me to lose my best friend, and myself really. This person claimed to love me but only wanted to alienate and isolate me. The only good that came of it is that I know now how to recognize a situation like this in the future.
  • Oh yes.. My ex husband was very cruel to me.. and God it effected me so bad for a long time after our divorce.. I am still trying to forget him, but in some point or another I keep remembering what happened .. What he said.. and what he did..
  • why would i do that? I don't think I have enough patience, wisdom, whatever it takes, to bring myself to that point...
  • Yeah... It crushed me.
  • yes, it sent me to rock bottom, but i managed to claw my way out. now im on top of the world, some of the physical damage from the eating disorder remain. they just remind me never to go there again.:)
  • yes..that person was my father. he loved my sister and i to death but felt that moving across the country and trying to buy our love untill the day he died would replace the emotional support. to me that is the cruelest thing a person can do. abandon their children. but he was my father and it affected me by getting me into trouble with boys at an early age, but also affected me positively by showing me that i should never settle for someone who isnt going to meet your expectations and be accountable for their actions
  • I do still love one of the cruelest people..I've gotten rid of the others. I'm workin on getting rid of this one. I've been taking lots of abuse, but I know in the long run it will be better for me in the end. I'm ready for the war!!
  • I don't think I've been IN love with someone. But I do love my m8s- I'd die happily for them, and we pretty much put each other through extreme physical pain for laughs.

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