• You used too much immac.
  • Dickhead or whatever. You have started looking inwards. That is an excellent sign. Keep up with this practice and you will turn out to be outstanding.
  • Probably years of practice
  • Because you're a guy .. maybe?
  • well who says youre a dickhead?? oh wait you did. i thought u were a chick so wouldnt u really be a c%$thead? Well anyway, whatever u r it's a good question and have a great day. word to ur mother :)
  • I think you may be a little over critical of yourself here. I do not know you but I am betting you are not so bad. Everyone is a "dickhead" sometimes. No one is nice and easygoing all the time. Sometimes other people can get on your nerves and you end up being a "dickhead." in your effort to respond. Also, sometimes people call other people "dickheads" for whatever reason. If that is what is happening to you, remember: Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. If you catch yourself being a "dickhead" count to ten. Try to be a little more tolerant of yourself and kinder to others. Hang in there!
  • i will say because you dont think before you do your actions
  • You are so not what you said you were. That is very harsh and I believe you are a very loving and sensitive person-I know this must be true because of what you explained about your pet rattie friends. And actually, I just spoke to Helen on the phone and she said you are definitely NOT a d-head. She says you are a great rat mommy. Seriously, I get down on myself too, as everyone must, it's only human I assume. I swear at myself and call myself names like dickhead and such, but thank God it passes. I hope you don't have any more moments like this one, and if you do, talk to your rat daughters and they'll set you straight!
  • You're not. That person who said questions must be at least 15 characters is.

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