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  • It has 4 sides so, that makes it a quadrilateral
  • 4 "A trapezoid (in North America) or a trapezium (in Britain and elsewhere) is a quadrilateral (a closed plane shape with four linear sides) that has at least one pair of parallel lines for sides. Some authors define it as a quadrilateral having exactly one pair of parallel sides, so as to exclude parallelograms, which otherwise would be regarded as a special type of trapezoid, but most mathematicians use the inclusive definition. In North America, the term trapezium is used to refer to a quadrilateral with no parallel sides. The term trapezoid was once defined as a quadrilateral without any parallel sides in Britain and elsewhere, but this usage is now obsolete. A trapezoid with vertices ABCD would be denoted as ABCD." Source and further information: Note also that "The word trapezium has several meanings: - A quadrilateral with a pair of parallel sides, also known as a trapezoid - A quadrilateral with no parallel sides (USA only) - Trapezium (bone), a bone in the wrist - Trapezium (astronomy), a group of stars in the Orion Nebula - Trapezium (play), a play by Henry Rathvon" Source and further information:
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