• Well, I guess you better get cracking, then! Arugula!
  • If you have straight As how are you getting an F? And if you were really so smart, why are you on answerbag, I could just make up some random stuff and tell you... Anyways, all things on your computer are stored in different types of files. In the end, its all just a bunch of 1s and 0s representing things. In the case with images, such as .gif and .jpg etc etc, the file actually contains the information about how to draw the image on the screen. You have an array of pixel coordinates with the r,g,b, and alpha values to draw at that spot. Once you have this file, you can send this information over a network to another computer. Thats about it really, the other computer gets the file and can use it. And im not explaining to you how network's work cuz thats a whole 'nother story. You're lucky im a computer scientist and feeling nice. Go read a book!

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