• Because, internationally, they don't matter. . No Army to speak of. Not big humanitarians. None of their natural resources are making a big difference in the world markets. . Is there really anything that Canadians agree upon, anything that defines them besides "Not American"? . It wasn't always this way. .
  • That's what they want you to think.
  • They're shy and don't like the attention.
  • We are the quiet type.
  • Does the US media talk about anybody when it doesn't directly affect them? Their concept of "world news" is the Iraq War, and the financial crisis in Europe as an offshoot of their own crisis. The big thing in past centuries was, it's Amerocentrism.
  • Yes, didn't you learn anything from Candian Bacon?
  • Because Canadians aren't morons like people in the U.S. are. They aren't greedy, self-centered assholes who like to kill people and blow shit up for no reason. They're smart. Canada's cool:)
  • Canada has a higher consciousness than the rest of the World that resists to contribute to the negative energy you would find in the news.
  • You could ask the same question about almost every country, if you're talking ab out the US news
  • This should have been a comment, not an answer.
  • We're boring. We watch hockey and drink beer. Putting up a new traffic light in the city makes front page news here.
  • Their hiding something way too cool to tell anyone aabout, maybe their all spies?
  • I think the two movies Candian Bacon and South Park pretty much some up Canada... But seriously though, I have noticed that before... For being such a large country, not much is mentioned about them... I know more about the countries in Africa and Eurasia than Canada, I should be ashamed... Guess I will have to make some Jello and go ring their doorbell and introduce myself...
  • Because of the Canadian National Feeling. For those who don't know, the CNF is "Apathy." Here in Canada the usual response to anything is, "Sure, whatever!" When this alarming trend towards apathy was first noticed there was a brief resistance... A "March to Stop Apathy!" was organized, but alas on the day of the march, nobody bothered to show up. The founder of the march was quoted as saying, "I would've been there but I had a dental appointment." This national trend towards apathy has been both a curse and our strongest attribute. For one, it keeps us out of the world news and it also saves us money. Many years ago, the Canadian Government came out and told us, "It cost too much to print dollar bills so we're gonna make a dollar coin instead." and Canada replied... "Sure, whatever!" In fact a few years later the coin was doing so well that we asked the Government to get rid of the 2 dollar bill, "as long as the coin looks cool!" Recently in the U.S., where the people care deeply about every facet of their society, their religion and their government, the government told them it was getting so expensive to print a dollar that it cost over two dollars to make a dollar bill. They even went so far as to mint a coin with President Washington's face on it that would help save them money... The little people rose up in violent protest... "How dare they try to take our precious Dollar Bill away from us!" So they didn't (it now costs roughly $3.25 to make a dollar bill). Just what percentage of all taxes collected annually by the U.S. disappears immediately in paying more to "make" money or even service the national debt? In Canada it's always, "Sure, whatever!" Hope this helps.
  • It is where I'm from.I get some of their radio and tv stations.They bitch alot about the U.S.Most amusing...
  • because this is not Canada - I'll bet the Canadian news stations in Canada talk about their country.
  • Well considering people in the us think we all live in igloo's...i'm glad they leave us out of stuff. Canada rocks. We're small, quiet and not a bunch of monkies.
  • What can you say about us??? we're all frozen in the corner wishin we lived some place warmer...why do you think Canada has fewer violent crimes? BECAUSE we're all too freakin cold to care!
  • We are the strong silent type.
  • Cause Canada has an amazing economy and a wonderful democracy.
  • We like to keep a low profile - it makes us a smaller target.
  • Canada is the Jermaine Jackson of Countries. During his heyday, he was seen as talented but just not Michael.

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