• Some people value appearance (dunno why) and other value your inner attributes. You will find that someone who only values looks is shallow, and from the sound of you, you'd need someone more sincere. Looks are not everything, in fact rude bitchy people are ugly no matter how "pretty" they are. Be patient if you are only 13, there is plenty of life left for you yet (easier said than done, I remember!).
  • You are not just a normal guy, you are a nice guy, BIG difference. Girls of your age can be a little shallow and fickle. You are a cutie, just give it time and they will see who you really are.
  • not all girls see only appearance... when you get to know them.. but yeah sum do..and if thats that...on your age atleast... you just need to show who you really are...somehow..
  • Young girls (in fact all females) like confidence my friend. Im not saying you need to be an asshole, but you need to be comfortable and able to hold your own in social situations. traits like being caring and nice will keep a girl around, but things like confidence and a sense of humor will get a girl interested in the first place. just my two cents.
  • Just continue being yourself. When you are a little older, you will find that women really do value normal guys who are nice and caring. As I am sure many women who read this will agree, the world is full of handsome men who are shallow, manipulative and needy. Normal is good. Besides all that, you are only 13 with plenty of growing and maturing ahead of you-- and you do look cute. ;)
  • Don't try to change for anyone. If you are will attract the kind of girl that you really want. Don't rush it. Enjoy being a "kid".
  • same problem here bro
  • ask one of them out on a date
  • Don't worry, things will change with a few more years
  • Girls have no idea what they want. Especially at that age.
  • Well... you're not so special and you don't talk or give the impression of anything special. Thus they see you as a boring git they will need to care for. Girls don't like such guys,

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