• Here is how I resolved this issue, ymmv. From the PS3 main menu: 1. Settings->Sound Settings->Audio Output Settings 2. Change it from HDMI to Digital Out (Optical). I do NOT have optical hooked up on my PS3, so if you have it hooked up, you may want to unhook it.. probably shouldn't matter. 3. I left what was defaulted: "Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1 kHz" and 48kHz 4. Right on the D pad (X selects/unselects options) to move to the next screen. 5. A confirmation page, hit X to Enter, saving the changes. 6. Start up a game, you shouldn't hear any sound (as expected) 7. Exit the game, then go back to Audio Output Settings and switch back to HDMI. I selected "Automatic" for "method for setting the output format." 8. A confirmation page, hit X to Enter, saving the changes. 9. Start up a game, you should now hear audio with your game (once again). My issue I believe was caused because I had been using a different TV for a while. Somehow, when I switched back to my original TV, the settings did not automatically reset back. Good Luck!
  • I too registered in order to say thanks. We got a new tv and the movie played fine but the game would not play. actually no games would play sound. your directions were perfect. TO the T. thanks.
  • VolkyL, you are my HERO!!!!!!! I am sitting here spending the time signing up to this site just to SING YOUR PRAISES!!!!!!! You rock brother, I don't how it works but it does! I have just listened to the open theme of Madden 09 about 25 times now. Thank you. Follow his instructions and there will be sound.

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