• I wouldn't say anxious, but it creeps into my mind about 6 PM every Sunday. And I don't like it.
  • no way!!
  • no kuz im a kid!lol
  • No, I don't work Sunday afternoon
  • i hate it ha!
  • Sometimes it's hard relaxing on Sunday because you just know that no matter what you HAVE to get up and go to work the next morning. It really sucks!
  • Not at all. I don't get anxious, upset or have any other negative emotions about working any day. I welcome the opportunity to help others! I TRULY believe that's exactly the way each and every working person should feel. He or she is doing a service. In exchange for that service, he or she is getting paid. AND it should also be kept in mind: In one way or another that working person is producing $3 to $4 for each and every dollar he or she is being paid. In my particular situation, I get THE UTMOST satisfaction I provided an alternative activity for others. I do volunteer work at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's Resource Center and Library. I LOVE it! I have the opportunity to help patients with disabilities and their families, the staff and other volunteers. Together we explore possibilities and possibly discover sources, finding answers and some solutions to their challenges, concerns and Qs. Due to the fact I make the effort to help others with their challenges and situations, many of the folks confide in me. Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • I worked every Sunday in my first full-time job, and I'm telling ya, it's not fun to work when almost everyone you know are resting or are having fun.

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