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  • I do the same thing :( I do it because I assume everyone can change, but they never do, and I always end up being hurt at the end.
  • Because you have a good heart and deep down inside you believe that something is going to change..
  • Maybe your just to damn nice.Start kickin their ass.You will find someone who'll be nice to you
  • Life has it's up and downs.People will try to bring you down with them.Don't blame yourself for this. Learn from this experience and you will be wiser next time, on who to associate with. But never blame yourself.
  • I will NOT become just another jerk. I won't I did'nt know how badly this would hurt you. And I need you to know, it hurts me just as badly, I love you, and I did'nt mean to hurt you like this.
  • You have a good heart and and no doubt a super personality, you are one person willing to put yourself out there becoase you are willing to take the chance on someone and believe that this person you want to be with is different. I am the same way. I have been hurt so many times, I prefer not to count them. I my still have a broken heart, but we don't know what the future may bring. Hang in there. I AM !.
  • Maybe it is because you have a good heart.
  • i know how you feel. i have come to the conclusion we are good people, and we are too good so the losers hurt us because they can't be like us or something along that line.
  • Can I suggest that perhaps you set your bar too high? Because you expect people to meet a high standard or a certain level, and never to be moody or make a mistake that hurts your feelings, perhaps nobody can live up to that. Was like that with me til about age 21 or so. A counselor pointed out to me that my expectations were so high, (or I picked people that could never meet them even if I lowered my expectations) that nobody would ever please me or meet my expectations if I didn't do a little adjusting. I also set the bar very high for myself, as I would bet you do to yourself as well. And that was also not very healthy for me! Think about it. If any of it makes sense, try seeing a pattern in how and where you set your bar for people and what you expect. You KNOW you are not perfect and neither are they. The more slack you cut yourself, the more slack I would bet you will be willing and able to give them. If you can do this I bet you won't be hurt or disappointed as often. Just my 3 cents. From personal pain and negative experiences, which are now, fortunatley much less frequent, with ocassional ups and downs. :)
  • I know the feeling. It takes guts for a more or less shy person like me to put myself out there. I keep trying but it always comes back to bite me in the butt. However, when something good does happen, it makes it feel even better than it normally would, so keep trying. That's the way it just has to work.
  • because when you get hurt you dont know when and how some one is going to hurt you most of the time you dont see it come or even think its going to happen
  • I have a book you should read that started answering that question for me! It's called "Facing Love Addiction" by Pia Melody. Give it a chance. Reading that and her other book, "Facing Codependence" started a major change in my life for the better!
  • because its part of life?
  • The fact that you are asking the question is an indication that you have taken the first steps toward growth in this area. The key is to become strongewr without losing your senstivity and vulnerability.
  • Because you do not draw the lines for these ppl. You want to be accepted by these ppl and be loved by them. That is why you go back to them again and again. Do not allow them to hurt you again and agian. Reject the Rejection. Stand up for yourself, for your sake alone.
  • -- The frist thing that came to my mind,is the phrase, that I heard Dr.Phil say : WE TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT US !! That's when I learned it was time, to put up Boundries'' Good-luck - Alot of us know how you feel ! - Pattijo
  • I think the part of your question 'let myself be hurt' contains the essence of the answer. Learn from experience. You can avoid being hurt in several ways (internal and external) yet still connect with people. You gradually learn to distinguish more quickly the types to avoid.
  • You're being Way too sensitive.Follow your instincts about what is right and wrong. Trust yourself!!
  • My answer would probably be that you might be stressed out to much on this person. Whenever they do it again just say "Right...". And if they say "Oh,You are SO ugly." Just say "Are you sure were talking about ME?" And make sure you say me in an attitude way. If doesn't help go to Remember, I know this from experience, But that matters on what kind of person you are! Love you all, AnswerWoman532
  • because on one level or another, you are getting something out of it that works for you.
  • Emotional S&M
  • In the nicest way possible, why dont you just stop letting it happen? Its your choice, just choose to be happy. Takes time, but you've got loads of that.
  • coz you never learnt to hurt others ------you realise how much it hurts and really do not wish others to feel the same way that you feel when you are hurt. but then some people take it for granted and knowing that this dog is never gonna bite keep heaping youu with all the hurt
  • Cause you're like me, a door mat.. Lol, jk! No, seriously, I've had that problem in life, and while you can feel good that in the end, you were the good one.... You gotta learn to be more cautious and critical of people and to have a thicker skin.... Not an easy task, I'm about 1/3 of the way there myself! Good luck, and stay nice :)
  • Sometimes it is the learning experience and other times it is the person that gives in to easy and lets there heart get hurt.
  • BAM - its because you have no one to support you and you feel that it must be you thats the problem - WRONG (again) - there is nothing wrong with you - your probably just shy and dont want to start contraversy and because you dont they see you as easy prey - im a lad so icant really help but if it happens to me now i just do them in and last week a teacher of mine help aswell - suprsingly - but for you try to get help - ok - dont ask your parents or people who you feel embarrased to be around but for my best advice - talk to someone you ike say a teacher or someone who is in control - i get hurt all the time but i do something that is known to be extremely unhealthy and that is surpressing my feelings - dont do it because you start to become stressed and end up skiving from school etc - hope your OK! - and keep in mind - Im better than you - your losers!
  • I do the same thing and sometimes I beleive we do it over and over because we don't think we deserve to be treated any better then what we are, But we do deserve better we just have to keep telling ourselves till it sinks in and we live it.
  • You want to help the people you're talking about, and the heart of it is that you love them. That is why you let yourself be hurt - the incredible gift of love. We all let ourselves be hurt by people even though we know from experience that that is to be the outcome but most people stop loving, which you should never do, it shows great strength to be able to continuously love and be there for the people who hurt you. I am assuming you're talking about emotional pain.
  • Because you care to much about what other people think.You cannot help what people do or say or think. So stop trying to please everyone. I was abused as a child, so as an adult my lifes mission was to save the world. BIG mistake!! HA HA! Everyone in this world has problems no one is spared, so live your life as your heart leads you. Joyce Meyers always says,"You can be pityful or powerful. Your choice.

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