• I love it because I can express myself via my page, and be known to people globally, and know them. I can also express my love for music through my DJ page. I love all the new Apps. and things they are adding as well, but everything is so new, a lot of people with older computers need constant updates and advancements in their technology. Not only that, the apps are starting to actually slow myspace down. =/
  • I used it but I much perfer facebook. I dont like the 'prettyness' and such of myspace. really I only use it because its the 'in thing' and all my friends use it.
  • Use it? NO Fixed alot of PC's that have used yes, as virus & spyware also are common on my space so good for business I guess but not so good for customer... :( last PC died, had to order new one.
  • yes,i use my space,i have several family members on it and two friends,what o dont like is the fact that i have to log in about 5 times before i get in.then im to type in varification numbers to log in! its a pain in the butt.

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