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  • Scary thoughts here.. First thing to remember is the reason sex is so fantastically good isn't to let you have a really good time... it is so fantastically good to make sure you do it, and get pregnant, and although it is not perfect, it's pretty damn good at it - because you'll tend to keep trying until it succeeds. A few facts. Sperm can be released before a guy comes, and even if he doesn't come at all. Sperm can make their own way inside even if the man doesn't enter, if semen is splashed on the genital area. Withdrawal is a completely useless excuse for contraception I'd say 5 days before your period is probably a pretty good time to get pregnant... check the menstrual cycle timing and remember the Catholic church permits contraception by the rhythm method because IT DOESN'T WORK. Cycles are often not perfectly regular - and just because the egg is expected to pass through in do many days, doesn't mean it will. etc etc... It is somewhat amusing the way people get around absolute prohibitions... In Ireland (a fine upstanding Catholic country), lines form outside dance halls after 11 on a Sunday night, doors open at 12:01 on Monday morning. And doctors prescribe pills for women to keep their periods regular - and while their periods are kept perfectly regular, the rhythm method gets much more effective. Just remember the standard disclaimer - neither the pill nor the rhythm method protects against STDs

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