• Medium, but unless she is morbidly obese, it doesn't play a large part... Brain, attitude, humor, demeanor, body shape and curves, all play a larger part.
  • I prefer chubby girls.
  • I prefer women period. As long as they aren't bigger than me I don't care. I don't like playing hide and go find the.... during sex.
  • I like them chubby. I only have one standard when it comes to chubby girls though. Their breast MUST come out farther than their belly. I don't mind the belly nor do I need the boobs to be big but the breast must come out farther. Also for some reason they have to be completly shaved. Other girls I don't care but chubby chicks have to be bald. I'm so picky.
  • Slim to medium is what I prefer for a partner. No preference for a friend.
  • I prefer a medium to athletic chick but if they get to skinny there is no appeal. I do not like anorexic looking females.
  • I prefer chubby girls, but as long as they are in proportion. Pear shaped with a big ass, thighs, smaller breasts and chubby arms and a little double chin, i just think that is so sexy. I prefer a lazier girl even though I am a very active man, because it's sexy when you try to get them to be active, for example, jogging, they squeeze their big fat squishy butt into stretch pants, then as they try to run their thighs rub together and their big soft ass jiggles. Then they get tired out really fast! It's also really sexy when you can pamper them, like these girls:
  • No thin for me.
  • Thick and chubby :)
  • Thick, chubby, BBW! I like fat girls with big asses and big thighs but small waists and larger breasts
  • More BBW's!!
  • Pretty much all of them , each has its own pros and cons.

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