• Left shoe Right shoe left sock right sock jacket T-shirt jeans (in your case) glasses and finally boxers
  • Pants. Jacket. Shirt. Glasses.(Bet you did'nt know I wore glasses.) Right Shoe. Underwear. Fedora. Untill I end up naked except for my left shoe and my fedora.
  • jacket, shoes and socks, shirt depending how long it is next, then skirt/shorts, bra, and last panties, and be very embarassed
  • women start strip frist
  • Somehow, I always lose at strip poker, even when I have good cards. :) (I don't mind, because the effect is the same.) It depends on what I'm wearing in the first place. Boots Dress Hose Bra Panties Or Boots Belt Top Jeans (or skirt) Hose Bra (if I was wearing one) Panties

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