• Mortgage interest rates have gone down below 6%, which means mortgage payments will be lower, along with house prices, so more people can buy houses. The Feds have released $100 millon in aid to West Coast Salmon Fisherman in the sudden collapse of the Chinook Salmon run. None of the tainted Chinese baby formula has found it's way to the US. GE Stock finally came down low enough that our buy order went through. Our local police department got a new K-9 officer.
  • Yep! Our HS football team has won their first two conference and one non-conference. They kicked ass. Looks like a good year. > Funds were voted to repair downtown streets. The new courthouse and county jail construction is finished. > Arrests for DUI and drug possession is down for the fourth straight month. Unemployment for the county is down. Two new major industries in town. Sales tax revenue is up. Small victories.
  • No damage to people or property from the small tornado.
  • The news that India is insulated from the financial crisis brings the cheer to the markets.Hope it lasts!
  • I'm not sure. I have the TV on, but haven't been paying too much attention. PERHAPS there will be some good news on the news at noon or as I go aobut doing my errands and business. I'll leave it open for an "Edit". VTY, Ron Berue
  • Somehow... Just for it being in the paper, even if it is good news, it tends to have bad vibes. The media is just whorish and stupid in general.
  • No.That would make it unreadable ;)
  • Yes...One of the towns next to us is getting close to being done on building a windmill to power their community! I personally think that's awesome news.
  • Nothing much...
  • Didn't see any today. Maybe tomorrow:)
  • i hardly read the paper, but i bet it was. =)
  • No rain on the State Fair; the professional bull riding competition for 2009 is moving from Tingley to The Pit; the Dodgers are coming back but will still be called the Isotopes; and my friends down the street are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Plenty of good news.
  • No weather disturbance (according to the weather bulletin). And I think it's right. No rains here today, after several days of heavy rains.

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