• Yes, but as long as there is both, they will forever be intertwined.
  • No. Politics exists in the world. If you want a politics free zone, go to Chuck E. Cheese's. Most of us want to have a discussion on something more adult than Britney's tits, thanks.
  • I'm not sick of healthy discussion on politics. I AM sick of name calling of candidates, people posting "questions" which are actually just used as a way to slam a particular party. All the negative crap, on both sides, is stupid.
    • Roaring
  • Honestly? I don't know why MORE people aren't interested, especially on the American side. What happens in the world affects us all, and I think it's sad when things have gotten to a point that people would rather tune out and ignore what's going on around them than get involved. My opinion, of course.
    • Roaring
      First you have to turn off mainstream media opinion generators. I love a good debate around issues. For this to work I have to do my homework on any subject i speak on.
  • Nope, I never tire of it!
  • No, but the number of users who seem to get offended and gleefully downrate everybody who opposes their views is a little bothersome.
  • I am not really sick of the politics, I am sick of the people DRing everyone for their opinion, you would think they are old enough to have a conversation, without being spiteful and immature.
  • More tired of ignorance than anything else. I don't mind an opinion, but there are so many obviously uneducated people that try to chime in rather than read or learn about the causes of issues. they watch five minutes of whatever local or national reporter blabs about and thinks that is the only side of a story, then when faced with facts and evidence to the contrary, they run and hide.
  • Yeah, because of the way it's done. If it were all healthy, educational debate it would be one thing...but educate, don't convert. Let people make up their own minds. More often the forum is used to attack a candidate or party and I don't like that--coming from either side.
    • Roaring
      Well said
  • I am sick of politics on the planet.
  • More of religion! ;-)
  • No but i am sooooo sick of the petty politics at work.: )
  • What? There is actually politics on AB? I've never seen it. All I see are the unfounded opinions of idiots who just want to vent about subjects they are ill informed about as it is.
    • Linda Joy
      No, that's just you.
  • I enjoy discussing politics.

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