• Elohim is often a plural word.
  • i'm no christian, but i guess their reason is that "-im" in hebrew is a plural suffix. . for example "yeled" in hebrew means child "yeladim" means children. same for "arnav" (rabbit) and "arnavim" (rabbits). . that's not always the case. for example: "ma'im", water. or "nim", capillary. in these words "-im" is not a suffix, but a part of the word. such cases are rare, though. . i guess it's only natural to assume the "-im" in the Hebrew and Aramaic "elohim" is a plural suffix. . BTW, the interpretation of the "-im" for those who do not believe in the trinity is that in aramaic and ancient hebrew some title are pluralized out of respect. by this reasoning "elohim" is a pluralization of eloha, meaning "God" (rather than plain "god", which is just a noun)
  • 8-18-2017 "Elohim" is the plural form. It's just like the queen of England calling herself "We". It is not a trinitarian thing.

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