• I would start at 154 or so,and longer for more speed and stability. The shorter boards have less board beyond your feet and spin easier .Rent some or demo some from your favorite shop.Really,you have to decide.Good luck.
  • This question always depends on several things. Keep in mind that there is no magical formula for every rider. It's more or less determined by terrain, conditions and most of all, personal preference. In general, an overall greater cm length will yield a board that can be controlled at and attain greater speeds. In addition, longer boards are better performers and float more in powder due to their increased surface area. Shorter overall lengths yield a board that is more maneuverable and offer a lower swing weight. This chart will help though. If you are above average weight for your height go more to the top of the board length range, and likewise if you are under average weight for your height go toward the shorter board length in the range. Other things to consider if you are heavier for your height, look for a bit stiffer board, if you are lighter for your height, look for a more flexible board, this will help with turning and control. Beginner boards tend to be more flexible and more advanced boards more rigid but there are exceptions to this so get good advice from a knowledgeable retailer. Buy your board locally, it's impossible to get a feel for a board over the web. Go to a ski and board shop not a big sports retailer. Their help rarely know what the hell they are talking about. Ask around in your area about what the best shops are. Good Luck! Rider Height Range of Board Length (Centimeters) 4'2" 110 -120cm 4'4" 115 - 125cm 4.6" 118 - 135cm 4.8" 120 - 135cm 4'10" 125 - 140cm 5 Feet 130 - 142cm 5'2" 135 - 145cm 5'4" 140 - 148cm 5.6" 145 -152cm 5'8" 147 -155cm 5'10" 154- 163cm 6'0" 157-165cm 6'1" 160-168cm 6'2"+ 159cm or greater

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