• i sometimes think i wont have kids but if i did it would be sidney .i think god wants to punish me with a girl so that would be
  • Girl- Brenna Lynn Boy- Braylon Keith or Gavin Lucas
  • If I had a boy Brandon A girl Corinne I just like the names dunno why. I would never name my cats these names, just wouldn't be right.
  • if I have a girl I want to name her Evett usually spelled Yevett, Arianna, and Alexia Boy- Shawn, Patrick
  • Ummmm you CAN name your baby anything you want to.... and hopefully you don't pin any weird names on the poor soul. Kids like common names and they can find pencils, license plates for their bikes and key chains and such with their names on them.. they like that. If they have a different name, kids can really be cruel to them, and it does effect the way they think of themselves and the way other people treat them even as they grow older. My kids are Julie, Tracey, Jeri and Troy. I read somewhere that you should think of your baby as a 40 year old person.. Does that name fit an older person??
  • That's an odd question because there are very few limits on what you can't name a person. The only restrictions I know of are... "God" "Budda" curse words and any combination of them names of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc.) other religious beings "FBI" "CIA" "IRS" I myself would name a girl "mia". I haven't thought of a boy name.
  • I've always wanted to name my daughter Adlee Nicole (Adlee after my family, and Nicole after my sister that died) then for a boy I'm not real sure I want both of my kids to have different names I want them to stand out.
  • Why would I not be able to call my child anything I wanted to? I would call a bot Sebastian, and a girl Lily
  • I allways liked that whole group of names that seem to only belong to realy, realy old men. Ira, Bernard, Boris, Alfred, any one of those would do nicely for a boy. A girl on the other hand, I would probably name her something along the lines of Simone, I allways liked Simone for some reason.
  • We wanted to call our Daughter Jadzia, but due to some pressure from the family we called her Joanne instead, funny thing is she much prefers to be called Jadzia!
  • What do you mean if? Who's stopping you?
  • If I had a daughter I would name her Jessica Anne. Its hebrew for "God see's the gracious"
  • O hare.
  • A boy Parker. A girl Ava. Just because...
  • Maximus Power. It's a strong male name.
  • I loved the names Destiny for a girl, and chance for a guy. I named my girls something different though, because I had not heard of these names when they were born.
  • There was a guy who tried to name his son,"Akuma" which means "Demon" or "Devil" in English, but the courts ruled against him and told him he had to change it. This happened in Japan. That was the first time I'd heard of someone being denied the freedom to name their kid anything they wanted. I agreed with the decision though. It would have opened the kid up to all sorts of bullying and ridicule when he went to school.
  • Gabrielle .. because i think it's just a beautiful name. and Abbey because i love that name. and Bella because it means beautiful... and sounds beautiful. and i'm sure i'll be back to add more.
  • If I could rename one of my sons I would pick Jake. I love that name.
  • I plan on naming my daughter Zoe. I've loved that name since I was a kid, and any man I marry will have to love the name as well, since that's what she'll be named. It means Life in Hebrew.
  • Duplicate:
  • Inari or Shido They will get their tribal names when they are old enough to choose one... Then they can be called whatever it is they choose.
  • I love ancient Egyptian names. For boy Anubis or Osiris. My daughter I already named Isis (Egyptian Goddess) but if I were to have another girl her name will be Anacksunamun.
  • Honey, not like the stripper-esque thing everyone's talking about to me how it sounds like it, I'm talking like Honey as in sweet personality, gorgeous, and absolutely not a stripper

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