• I think the celebrities should organize a big clean up day.
  • It could start with a single person stopping, picking up a piece of trash, and placing it in the proper receptical. Soon, after setting a good example, many may follow and the streets will be clean. Care to be the one who cares and start the trend? Complaining does little, doing does lots.
  • All you have to do is look at the demographics, and then take a short run to the Mexican border and look across and you will see the answer to your question.
  • Just take a look at all of the big cities. San Francisco, Atlanta, St Louis, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Philly. They're all shitholes run by idiots. They have bigger things to worry about, like letting illegal immigrants vote and make sure men are allowed to go into the ladies restroom.
  • not sure why

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