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  • gotta be mexico... or columbia... everyone else probably has better planting grounds but they cant process the stuff
  • I always thought Humboldt County, CA, USA was famous for good stuff. I know US scientists doing research are usually credited with coming up with the best weed.
  • hmm afganisthan
  • holland, where else? although I HAVE heard that it's really close between holland and hawaii. the dutch know how to grow it big and strong, but hawaiian strains -- though small in amount because there r 3 growing seasons, but they're shorter -- are VERY potent :D
  • in east asia. they always have the most pure drugs you can get. maybe somewhere in brazil. not the usa, strands that come from here are orange. look for some red shit, maybe purple.
  • It's not the country, but the strain and how it's grown, optimally! =) Think of roses-and the different requirements, strains, smells, flower types, hardiness,soil grown in,etc. Also the potency varies with light (type and correct amount in the plant cycle), humidity, NUTRIENTS ,amt of forcing or not, and so much more. Indicas are heavier, sleepier, sativas sometimes more psychoactive and more stimulating, focusing, again depends on how grown. Most now are a hybrid, I've heard.
  • lebanon?

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