• Actually, I think my personality back when I was 12 was much like how it is now, very playful, though I am considerably more wise and have much more discipline now, not to mention oodles of knowledge.
  • Well i would have been 10. So yes, definately learned a heap! Wouldn't it suck not learning anything in that time?
  • No. The difference between 14 and 24 is like exploring an infinite abyss that gradually becomes full of depth by the deposit of time and nature's gifts.
  • I am a completely different person than I was 10 years ago. I was nowhere near as confident, I was afraid of my own shadow, and I constantly worried what other people thought about me. I was a wreck. It was not a pretty sight. Let's not even get into the trouble I had with women in my early teenage years. But, I persevered and turned out much better than I was, at least in my estimation.
  • I'm not the same,I've learned to just keep going.
  • i was 8 years old 10 years ago.. i am alot more mature and now i have a personality that is loving and caring.. the only things that havent changed is the fact that i still fun and playful :P .. i have learnt many things and have grown up alot.. in the past 10 years i have learnt how to live, love and forget.. i have also learnt what it is like to loose a baby and a very close loved one..
  • No. 10 years ago, I was still a happy person living a great life. Tragedy was still years off. I have learned that the game of life is impossible because the rules change and don't appl to everyone.
  • On the inside I'm very much the same...outside, very different. I've learned a great respect and appreciation for diversity that helps me to continue to grow as a person. I've absorbed more knowledge, experience with interpersonal relationships and acceptance of opinions than I ever thought possible.
  • I am nothing like I was 10 years ago. I was relatively happy then, I still had my babies, one wasn't even born yet.I have learned that The Game of Life is a big scam. It is more an exercise in pain endurance. The rules of the game change arbitrarily, good doesn't always win, justice is not for all, and the cowgirl don't always get the boy.
  • No, life in the past ten years hasn't been good too me. Trouble with health made me leave the job I loved, I can't work.The Chemo I took for 8 months 3 times a day really screwed up the rest of me. I have learned that Im a lot tougher than I ever thought I was. Although, my body hurts, I do what I can everyday. Although I lost my job after soo many years, I try to be positive and just be glas I'm alive.
  • i am very happy to say that i am NOTHING like the person who lived in my skin 10 years ago, hope to never meet that person again - and i hope you never meet him either!!
  • Not entirely the same as I was 10 years ago. Life is a journey of changes and the main thing I've learned is that how you play The Game is more important than whether you win or lose. Great question, certainly worth more than the mere 3 pts I can award.
  • Mostly the same. Still fit in the same clothes (I hate to shop). But from a cynical standpoint, I'd say I have lost a lot of trust in people.
  • I miss when I was 16. My only worry was getting homework done and passing tests, etc. I had a good group of friends who would always be there for me. I miss high school. As long as you passed your classes and didn't drink, do drugs, have sex, my parents were happy. I was chubby in high school, so I wasn't part of the popular group and have had people talk crap about me behind my back, but as long as I had my friends, it didn't seem so bad. I'm still friends with the girls I was friends with back then, but now they are married and have kids, and I don't so we've kind of don't have anything in common, but I have new friends, and they are good friends, I just kind of feel like they aren't as loyal as the BFFs were back in high school. We are adults now. We have jobs, and stuff, so we can't always just go hang out on the sper of the moment. In a way, I do think I'm kind of the same person. But I also feel like I've changed. I'm more comfortable with my body, and I'm trying to break out of my shell and go have fun. But, I do know that I'm more bitter towards life. That kind of started to happen when I was 19 and my grandpa died, and I was in college and working, and living the sheltered life I had, I was not prepared for this. Still learning from my mistakes. Sorry, this was like the longest answer ever.
  • 6-20-2017 Ten years ago I didn't hurt, and now I do. Ten years ago it took me like two days to do a day's work, and now it takes most of a week.
  • Not by a long shot! I've learned that everything can change on a dime
  • I never stop expecting a phone call from him on my birthday... : I
  • I'm not the same person I was a day ago for I learn something knew every day and apply the good.

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