• yes. in jails you have complete lack of freedom. when you are homeless you are unencumbered by possessions, and are free. in a jail you are caged in a confined area. as a homeless person you are still free to go wherever you choose. homeless people have options for shelter and food and can get subsidies and benefits from their state and local governments, so their basic survival needs can be met ~ thats not so bad, is it? i think jail is a much more depressing option.
  • Not in winter....
  • There have been cases where homeless men and women go to jail on purpose so that they may have food and shelter. ironic that our society can't give enough to help them. we stop them from starving but other than that they are on their own.
  • no because you get food at a jail but homeless can't really find food.
  • I've been in jail but never homeless, probably would choose homeless over jail, at least I'd be free to try to live off my own mental and physical resources.
  • Never been to jail, but if I had to decide I'd much rather be homeless than in prison.
  • Jail is better. You get to play cards and have cable TV. Three squares and a dry place to sleep. Jail gets my vote.
  • Hmmm... No!! *laughs*
  • Jail is worse than homelessness, although neither is a bed of roses. Being homeless can be a form of jail though, as you are extremely limited to what you can do. You basically have zero social life, and you spend your day wondering what to do with yourself. You never realized 24 hours could go by so slowly. And when night rolls around, if you are still in the street, it never seems to end. One night in the street is like an eternity. So both are bad, but I would still choose homelessness, as lack of freedom is the worst thing in the world.
  • Never been in the cage, but I'd go with jail. FOOD, 1-4 hours outside, bed, shower, it's ok. If you behave you probably won't get sent out to the sector where they keep all the convicts that are sitting out multiple life sentences (meaning some bad mother fuckers that won't be friends with you even if you gave them a million dollars)
  • I think both have their down points both maybe equal on some counts :)
  • equal, maybe homeless, because no food.
  • There the same if your homeless you you be in and out of jail. If you drink and have a quote problem with it it will led to jail and homelessness. But it's ok to kill a baby what a country.
  • Yes. I would rather be homeless.
  • Yes I would imagine jail is worse because of your lack of freedom, but I suppose your getting fed!!
  • no. i would rather be in jail. you get three squares a day and a place to sleep and excersize. you also have protection from the elements. the one risk is getting beatin/raped, but that can also happen when your homeless (not so much raped though)
  • I'd go with jail. you get FOOD, 1-4 hours outside, bed, shower, sounds ok. and a warm place and bed
  • i've spent a total of 8 years in prison(not consecutive) which sucked,but there no way i would survive homelessness.

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