• Qty should be more ;))
  • the taste, its all about the after taste, if it doesnt give you that almost refreshing taste, then its not worth drinking. To be honest though, these day i look at the calories too!!
  • Taste first and foremost. I don't care much for getting totally drunk, and like anyone, I totally adore the buzzy feeling I get from finishing a strong beer before sleep (Or something else, ha ha.) but it has to taste good. Too many beers, especially Canadian and American, seem watered down and tasteless compared to European imports, which more often than not have a good strong taste-it's just a matter of finding one you like. At least I don't have to worry about it NOT having any taste. :/ Second, and I'm damn stupid that way, I totally judge books by their covers; in this case, beers, I'll often try a new beer if it has a cool sticker on it lol. Although my most favourites ones (Grolsch and Leffe.) have rather unimpressive stickers-in fact Grolsch doesn't even have a front sticker anymore, just a small one at the top.
  • Taste. I'm not much of a beer drinker, so it has to have a great for me to drink it. I don't buy my own drinks, so price isn't an object. ;P
  • taste is what I look for after spending the last 18 months tee total just to see if I had willpower to do it and I was sucessful (yippee). I have just had a cold crisp pint or two of budweiser and boy I enjoyed the taste I only drink bud or amstel gold for the is expensive in the uk now when I was 18 in 1990 it cost 120p a pint now its 350p a pint yikes(BO)
  • In my experience, if the beer is stronger, they do seem to taste better. I am talking about real ale, not lagers and other chemical infused drinks. As far as cost goes, i don't mind paying more for a good tasting ale. I always try new ones when i can, ale is such a aquired taste, it's always nice to give them all a go. Hic, oh sorry. :)
  • Usually I look for something new. I am still figuring out what types of beers I like. There is a bar here that is all about beer and takes it very seriously. I was there the other night and learned that I like Lambics and hoppy beers.
  • I'm still looking for the right one. I crave strength, but I don't want to feel empty once the flavor is gone. I want for it to always feel new and exciting - but I shouldn't have to pay such a high price, should I?!?!
  • For me it is all about taste. I don't care about strength or fullness, if I don't enjoy the taste, I am not going to drink it. I am still finding out what I like, but I have not found a lot of beers I like the taste of many beers. I will drink Corona without a problem, but I just opened a Guiness, took one drink and set it down and didn't touch it again because I couldn't stand the taste. What is the point of drinking anything if the taste isn't great.
  • Taste is most important. I don't care for the heavy, dark or bitter beers. I tend to go for light, crisp lagers and pilsners. I like a lot of A-B's crafted beers, a few local micro-brews, and the occasional flavored brews like a pumpkin ale or Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat. I live in St. Louis, and actually work on the Anheuser-Busch I am partial to Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Amber Bock, Mich Ultra.
  • Being underage and in college, this will come as a shock to you, but I crave taste, not potency. I can't stand Bud, Keystone, certainly not, give me a good cold pint of Freiberger any day. Mmmm.
  • taste, and no alcohol. saint paulies is a good tasting non alcoholic beer.
  • My son and "second son" have introduced Jim and me to the joy of microbreweries. I tend to like beers with no bitter aftertaste. I used to think that was determined strictly by color...the darker the beer, the less I'd like it. I was wrong. Some dark beers are very smooth. I've tasted many and liked most of them. The names I don't recall..different microbreweries have different names for their beers! :) Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • TASTE! Guinness.My favorite... Landshark.When I want something different and lighter...
  • taste at a low cost. hobgoblin is amazing at £1.49 for 500ml
  • Taste and fizziness. I like fizzy beers.
  • When I actually drink a beer (about 1/2 of one per year) I like Corona because it's light and fizzy. When I use a beer to cook with (beer battered fish), I use a dark rich flavoured beer.

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