• I don't doubt that some have conjured said things up for comfort. However, as hard as this is to believe, combine the supernatural power of ghosts and the superior intelligence and abilities of aliens and you have a skewed view of reality. Angels and demons do exist, and I believe that combining ghosts and aliens gives you at least a unique perspective of them. Cliff's Notes edition: Friendly "alien" ghosts= angels Sinister "alien" ghosts= demons I am actually being serious, and I hope my colorful depiction does not shred the credibility of my opinion!
  • Ghosts. When you die,you cease to exist. There is no heaven or hell.You are an organic lifeform that just stops. If there were a spiritual place there would be a lot of people there. Oh except that we are supposed to beleive that attendance carries some faith pre-requesites that means only a select few get there. This depends on your choice of religion, which is,more often than not,an accident of birth based on your particular countries attempt to add deification and nobility to its existence. There are no ghosts because there is no spiritual existance after death.(see above) There is no one watching over you,no angels,no god. No guidance from forebears, no living link to the dead. Aliens. Thre may be life forms on other planets some where. If so they are vast distances away. There is no evidence that we have been visited by aliens. Anywhere. Period. Anybody who says that they have been taken aboard an alien spaceship is lying. In this age of technology where is the clear and unequivocable footage? There is none. The odd frisbee and pan lid maybe but really guys, there is none. No smoking gun,no grassy knoll,no Roswell. There is no evidence.
    • SaveFarris
      For someone who seems to be all about the evidence, I'm wondering where yours might be? You are so matter-of-fact in your answer. "When you die, you cease to exist.""Anyone that says they have been taken aboard an alien space ship is lying." These are all YOUR speculations. None of it is fact. You're just guessing like everyone else. Now, climb down of that high horse before you hurt yourself.

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