• Nope, but last night I had a crazy dream where the trees were alive and I was in a society that took adults, then somehow changed them to infants and then proceeded to inject some sort of concoction to "clone" them. Freaky stuff... I guess I should start going to bed earlier haha...
  • No, but that sounds scary... then what happened?
  • NOPE, But I am Glad It was Only A dream;)!!
  • Nope. Sunologists say that's inevitable so, I guess you there had a precognitive dream.
  • I have.
  • no but one time, the sun came out and everything went retro 70's monotone 2d color :| and everyone was rocking HUGE sunglasses and my dog was saying "yeaaahhh babe" over and over while dancing to ice ice baby... i
  • No, but, I did see the moon melt one time, when I was trippin. Now that you mention it, I did have a dream about a second sun in the sky. It was weird, two suns... - What was your dream?
  • No, but now that you mention it. I should.
  • Aye.. indeed and woke up in a cold sweat.
  • yes i have, i had a dream that i was walking down the street with this person (it felt like my friend) she said to me "whats that?" so i looked up and a beam of light came from the sun and hit earth then bounced back and blew up the sun!!! weird though cus it never went dark!! we ran to her house and we started panicing because we knew that things were gunna go wrong. when looking out of the window i saw a HUGE tidal wave coming towards us. i explained to her that we needed to get something to surf the wave as we would never out run it and we could then float on it when the water take over. when the wave hit we just let it carry us until it hit the other side then ended up having to live on water i.e the film waterworld!! exactly like that. thats an honest responce aswell. i had another dream that i was having a barbique with my family and i was explaining the above dream to my mum and the next minute a hole formed in the sky and S**T loads of water started coming in!! what is that all about???
  • Yes i have, its so weird, i keep having the same dream. Everbody was looking & pointing to the sky & i was looking out my window wondering what they are looking at, i went outside & there was 2 suns in the sky, 1 was glowing fire, 1 was dimming, suddenly 1 sun exploded & a wave went through the sky, then bits of the sun was falling on earth, bits of fire landing everywhere, on people, melting the road. I ran in the house, dragged my parents into the cupboard, i was clutching rosary beads praying to God, was saying to my parents ' i told this was going to happen ' i clutched my bible & stared reading the scripture. SOOOOOOOO scarey
  • No, not that kind of dream +5
  • Yes I had this dream about 1 week ago. It fragmented and parts of it were still omitting light. I was near a railway track/line and an old manual type train thing came down the lines.
  • I have not had this dream. I am curious though how yours went?
  • No. But I dreamed it burped and wiped out all life on earth

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