• the answer depends on the people in the marriage. Each couple will answer the question in a unique way. There is no blanket answer.
  • We are lucky in that we are both sexual people so our sex life is great and doesn't cause problems for us. But I could see where two people have different sex drives may cause friction in a marriage.
  • I have found that sex in any ltr is an important thing it help the 2 to bond feel close and enjoy each other some people will dissagree but thats how i see it..
  • If we have learned anything throughout time, is that sex alone does not bond a marriage or any relationship. We all have witnessed couples who have great sex, drift away from marriage as well as those with a poor sex life stay together for many years. If sex were to be used for it's sole design (making babies) Then it could be ranked high in a marriage, but we all know this is not the case. Not to say that some people do not use sex as an excuse to rate their relationship and if that is all their relationship is about then thats just sad.
  • less important than integrity, loyalty, dovotion,faithfulness. Good to maintain romantic relationshop.
  • It's secondary to love,communication, and friendship, but it is a powerful binding experience. So powerful that many people confuse it with love. In combination with love, communication, and friendship, it is one of God's greatest gifts. Without some sort of sexual relationship, I think you're just roommates.
  • A marriage without sex might be a better friendship. That said, if I were in a relationship with someone I loved dearly and they became physically capable I think I would stay with them and remain faithful as long as the love remained.
  • it's very important to my husband cause he jumps my bones every chance he gets.
  • Short answer: It is important, but not the most important issue. Other matters are important, and sex is often given a back seat over love, compassion, devotion, etc. However, sex keeps the partners close and mentally in tune with another. Good sex creates a strong strong bond between people ---- and this bond combined with other issues makes an amazing marriage. Do not underestimate the value of sex in a marriage. If you do, it will be at your own peril.
  • probably pretty important since thats why people get married
  • I believe it was dr. Phil that said when it's going well it's 10% of their relationship when it's not it's 90% of the problem. And if you don't believe it just ask the one who's not getting it!
  • In marriage sex is the very important thing. That make a happy married life. If nay one of the couple is not normal for sexual activity, it may cause friction in a marriage. If you don

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