• Yes- its scary !
  • Yes, I used to ,not anymore though.
  • a few times. i have had to slap my own face a couple times to wake up. once, i woke up and i was looking down at my knee and I saw a woman's hand with no arm attached pat my knee. i was driving alone, and that woke me right up into being awake.
  • When driving OTR did. Lasted maybe a second or two. Nothing like National Lampoon's Vacation.
  • Yes.I did it once and scared the hell out of me.Dont drive really tired like that anymore.
  • Yes, and I was so pissed off at myself for it. Fortunately it was a divided highway with a median strip and there were no stone outcroppings where it happened.
  • I have come very close. It is very scary, and I did get off the freeway immediately after, and took a nap in the car.
  • Yep, On cruise control, at 120 km/h, ended up in the grass in the middle of the highway. When I woke up, I swerved intensly to the right and then when i hit the pavement intensly to the left and the right part of my car lifted, I lost control, but then caught it back. I then stopped on the side, because I was in shock at what happaned. Trust me never even cam close to nodding off after that.
  • yes i have...scary!
  • Yep. Totaled my car once because of it. Another time I didn't have an accident. But the last thing I remembered as I pulled into my parents driveway on my way home while on leave was Tennessee. 400 miles earlier. Scary! Now, if I get tired, I'll stop and do something to wake up or pull over and take a nap.
  • Yep. I ran out of the road, which woke me now- ex-wife (wisely) insisted on trading seats with me...and when we got home, I couldn't sleep a wink! Weird.
  • Yes, thank god that pedestrian was there to stop me. Seriously though, yes, but there were others in the car so I traded with them before it happened again.
  • Yes. Once. I only woke up because the wheat from this field was whipping me in the face.

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