• To receive a coherent answer...why don't you reveal which country is "our" country. Where on the planet are you? Thanks.
  • Haven't you seen IronMan? Tony Stark builds them. Seriously, they are mostly built by privately owned businesses.
  • A country usually doesn't make them. Business in a country do and the military contracts for the weapons/equipment from the business. I would say that U.S. business make the U.S. weapons and equipment unless they contract with an non US company for some or all of the parts.
  • Knowing that the questioner is from the USA, the USA buys its weapons according to the list of NATO suppliers. For instance, the 9mm pistol, which replaced the Colt 45, was originally only made by Beretta (Italy). All of NATO is supposed to move toward standard equipment to make supply and resupply easier, as their national equipment becomes obsolete.
  • Most, if not all, of the equipment used by the US military is American made or made in the US under license from their original manufacturer. Parts may be made elsewhere, but final assembly is always at a US factory.
  • Sir John is right. And there aren't even very many weapons which weren't developed in the US, namely the pistol someone mentioned, the Squad Automatic Weapon (light machine gun) which I think is Belgian, and I think the 30 cal medium machine gun. Other countries outside Western Europe, Russia, & China, tend to buy many of their weapons from those countries - it's more effective than trying to develop a tank or whatever from scratch. And even Italy & Germany don't have their own airplane programs that I know of (they probably do, for less high-profile planes).
  • Right now, Heckler and Koch is re-tooling many of our soldiers individual weapons, like the new H&K M-416, an improvement on the ammo and gas system on the old Colt M16-A1. We have also been using the H&K MP5 for special ops and SEALs for many years. The UMP submachinegun and MG36 LMG are also of German manufacture.

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