• Hot chicken noodle soup (HOMEMADE!) with a bit of crusty bread and gallons of ginger ale. Hope you get better soon my friend.
  • Honestly--have a drink of something alcoholic...I don't know whether it cures you or not---but you won't care if you feel sick:)
  • i second the chicken noodle soup/ chicken broth... as hot as you can stand... assist your body in heating up but don't get too hot... get well soon keithold
  • I don't think you can cure/kill a cold (altho there are claims you can shorten it with certain "meds"); I just try to keep comfortable while it runs its course. Plenty of soft Kleenix, juice, chicken soup and hot tea, snuggy jammies, a comfortable chair, bed or couch, a good book or tv show, and not too many people bothering me. But if it's a summer cold-there's no way to make it better. Just suffer through.
  • G'day Miss Anubis, Thank you for your question and for all the answers. They will help a lot. I am seeing a doctor tonight and I am feeling better than I was on the weekend. Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and remedies. Regards
  • Soak in as hot a tub of water as you can for as long as you can. Drink PLENTY of clear fluids, juices too. EAT! Gotta eat to give your body the energy it needs to fight. Whatever you can stomach, but soups are easy to make and digest quickly and easily. REST! Sleep and let your body do it's thing. TAKE MEDS FOR THE SYMPTOMS! You can't fight off viral infections with medication, but you CAN get relief for coughing, congestion, stuff sinus', pain...what ever you can get that works. If you are in pain or can't breath right then you can't get the rest you need. So pop those decongestants what-not. And if I knew you, I'd give you a bottle of blueberry cordial...smooth and sweet, soothing on the sore throat. With enough alcohol to help numb the sore throat, too!
  • First, take a nice hot bath, and stay in it for a long time. You'll sweat and be too hot and uncomfortable after a bit, but this is necessary. Then, go on your couch with a big puffy comforter, wrap yourself in it and watch a movie to try and get your mind off things. If you eat anything, make it chicken and noodle soup, and before going off to bed, drink this big mug of Neocitran. That stuff really works to get rid of coughs and runny noses, and lets you fall asleep.
  • Vicks on the bottom of the feet before sleep. And a mix of salt and water, with a few drops of apple cider vinegar, sprayed up the nose....and eat chilis. Those guys will kill anything.
  • hello, steam inhalations for a stuffy head, a gargle for a scratchy throat,vicks on my chest for a congested chest,aspirins {if your not allergic to them} to lower a fever and the best of all is my mothers chicken soup!!
  • Have a nice piece of buttery toffee, that always makes me feel better sick or not.
  • first sign of a cold I take echinacea and vitamin C pills. other than strengthening the immune system naturally or with an antibiotic there's no way to cure a cold other than let it run it's course.
  • Soup is awesome. If you don't like soup then tea. If you don't like either of those then bed rest.
  • A thick warm blanket,a good movie or book and a couple of hot toddies.

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