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  • marijuana is one thing any hyperthyroidiam patient needs to stay away from take it from me the symptons ive experienced were extreme paranoid episodes hallucination
  • I have Graves. Am taking Methimazole to suppress it. I can understand the paranoid part,(being afraid that your heart will beat fast and getting scared about it) but hallucinating? I've been smoking pot for 6 months with hyperthyroid (Graves) and there's never hallucination.
  • My doctor says that it looks like I have hyperthyroidism. I have also had the paranoia, hallucinations, facial numbness that spreads..nausea..panicy.. a long list of Graves symptoms. The episode lasted for about a week and I think that it's coming back slightly. I've been smoking pot everyday for 3 months, also have taken LSD twice in the past month. Coke and MDMA in the past. I'm worried about my health, and came to the internet looking to see if there is anything related. So there is. But is it a coincidence? I would assume that smoking pot is bad for Graves because it makes your heart beat faster. I have heard that bulging/swollen eyes/ disturbed vision are worsened by smoking. I personally have turned a 180 and probably will never take a street drug again. I really don't think it will do any good to keep smoking, and could harm.
  • Marijuana has helped me alot concerning hypertyroidism.Just make sure that the strain that yout smoking does not have to much THC. It can intensify parinoia.But overall it helps

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