• They're called insecure. Seriously, if they think everyone is always attacking them, or being negative, they are jsut too stuck in their own negativity to see how people really are acting. At least, I assume that this is what you mean - I doubt you would be exasperated over someone who always thought everyone was being nice to them all the time lol.
  • I try to avoid people like this as there is no way to handle them because they are stubborn and really just assume everything. I really don't like placing labels on anyone but they never seem to change.
  • I think they are Drama Queens if female and Drama Kings if male. Either way, I just steer clear of them in the future.
  • they are so anoying , i hate people like that , i try to ignore them sometimes , but this is the way life is , you cant change peoples personality ..
  • yeah... its called being culturally diverse... unless you've met someone from the other side of the hemisphere... their humor and jokes are different.. everything can be taken the wrong way if you don't understand the tradition/culture of the other side. i should know, my mother is from the Eastern hemisphere, my father from the West. I understand both sides.. it does get annoying when both sides fail to compromise or be considerate enough to understand the other person. i would just say, listen to what they have to say and then tell them how there's a misunderstanding and rectify where that misunderstanding happened.
  • I don't know if there is a name for them but there should be! How annoying! My grandmother is just like that. Never once in my entire life has she ever been supportive of any decision I have ever made. She interprets things I say the totally wrong way and goes of on these terrible tangents. I got to where I never discussed anything with her anymore.
  • They're nitpickers..they are always looking for another nit to pick. I wouldn't take them seriously. They're one-note theme, one view, one thought, one purpose, one goal..boring! :)
  • yeah i call them ignorant assholes... got one like that in my dads group of buddies, i can't stand this guy i can't 'handle' him so it usually starts smooth in public and ends ugly in private lol

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