• Depends how you define "caused". Do you consider a batter who grounds into a triple play to have "caused" all three outs? Because this has happened numerous times, most recently Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Padres did it earlier this season. If however you mean that the same batter actually WAS all three outs, then I highly doubt this has ever happened, as it would need the side to bat around the whole order TWICE in an inning without recording a single out apart from the batter in question, and for him to make an out every time. This seems to be tremendously unlikely.
  • Yes, this was a poorly worded question. I was referring to a batter cycling through the lineup three times. I believe a single batter has cycled with two outs, but I'm not sure if anyone has committed all three. I agree it is highly unlikely, but still possible.
  • you could say he was the cause... or the pitcher was the cause, maybe even the base coaches... but i do believe it has happened a few times on a play where both runners forgot to tag up

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