• I don't think that is the issue. Maybe he is embarrassed by his parent's behavior toward his girl friend's(Mom's can be the worst !) and doesn't want to scare you off.
  • I would say he might love you, and cannot say it yet, or is not sure if he does love you. Just be aware of the fact that many guys use the "L" word to drop anchor with a girl. Should he tell you he does, in fact, love you, pay attention to how he acts after he says it.
  • at 3 months it's just too early to tell any number of things could change and pop out into the open at any waking moment give it time he might just be ashamed or embarassed of his family
  • Maybe he isn't close to his parents? If this is the case and he doesn't see his parents often himself, he wouldn't even think to introduce you to them.
  • Maybe you two are moving too fast? Its only been three months and you two spend an awful long amount of itme together, although if you knew eachother before then no big deal I'm sure. Just ask him about his parents or invite his parents to some sort of fmaily outting. If he refuses to let you meet his aprents he a) doesnt think the relationship has gotten to that point b)doesnt usually hold long meaningful relaitonships so you meeting his parents would be uncomfortable c) he doesnt have any d) it would mean you two are getting very serious.
  • take it slow sister. He's building up to introducing you to his folks. There may be a reason he's holding off. Maybe his parents are a bit high maintenance or they are judgemental. He's introducing you to alot of people so far. Just be patient and take a number. Your time is coming.

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