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  • no i have heard of much worse
  • I have the fetish myself. I figure it's no different than any other type of clothing/material fetish. Think of how many have a fetish for shoes, boots, leather, pvc/vinyl, etc. We're no more weird than them. At least no one would think anything unusual of us wearing windpants, aside that they're going out of fashion.
  • If you have a fitish for windpants, you are not alone. I have a huge fetish for windpants especially those made of nylon.
  • ODD ? NOOO NEVER !!! I have this fetish too. But I like to wear the windjacket too. For more noisy !!! jejeje
  • odd? a little, but think of all the other weird fetishes! Windpants are safe, and legal
  • i don't know, but not something interesting to me
  • I agree with a lot answers on here. It is perfectly safe and not very weird. I have the fetish myself and can't get enough of them. They feel so amazing, its hard not to get excited wearing them. Its a shame they are less common now days. More people are seen wearing the sweat pants material as opposed to the swishy nylon ones. Maybe people don't like the noise? I don't know, but nothing beats the feeling of nylon windpants. They are the best :).
  • Nope, it's hot! Wouldn't mind seeing the hardon you talk about getting in said windpants either =)
  • I thought I was the only one with this fetish! I LLOOVVEE to see a hot girl in windpants. Too bad though that they are going out of style... What a shame!
  • nylon wind pants are awesome there the only pants to wear there comfy especialy without underwear. if anyone wants to talk about them feel free to add me to msn

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