• I love duck. It's one of my favorite foods. I would describe the taste as very similar to chicken, but a little richer and heavier of a flavor. The meat itself is a lot more oily than chicken, as well. Highly recommended. :)
  • No, I'm afraid of eating that kind of stuff. I'm a real wimp.
  • Of those mentioned, I've had duck a few times. It is delicious, but is fattier/greasier than chicken.
  • I had duck before. It's really good. Hard to describe the taste though, but no, it doesn't taste like chicken. The meat is really tender, it sort of like melts in your mouth. The taste is strong too, so not everyone is going to like it, it's real distinct. Actually I've had moose before, it sort of tastes like that surprisingly, with a mix of pork. It's the best way I can describe it. :/
  • I love duck! ots like chicken, but it also had a little taste of red meat to me!
  • I think I ate duck once when I was little. I didn't like it back then, so I would describe it as "not good." I couldn't possibly eat duck now that I'm an Anahiem Ducks fan. It would be sacreligious.
  • I have had duck a few times and really like it. It is absolutely delicious with a plum sauce. I agree with Penal Colony's description of the taste - he should be a food critic!!!
  • I find duck a good meat but a little greasy for me. I have never tasted grouse but I love pheasant. A heavy and pleasant flavor. It is very much muscle meat, not fat or greasy at all. You need to add grease to the pan when you fry it.
  • no, never ate one

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