• I'm better than my dad in that I don't smoke and have nice pinkish red lungs and not brownish black ones.
  • Unlike my father: 1. I respect women. 2. I don't smoke (and never have). 3. I'm not a Freemason. 4. I write left-handed. 5. I'm not a fussy eater. 6. I enjoy reading.
  • I'm alive
  • 100% different from the mother :)
  • My dad's dead, I'm alive.
  • we are a lot alike..but I am so much more open-minded then my mom:S And she is quick to judge!
  • He's dead, but I think I'm him reincarnated......just more educated.
  • As far as behavior, my mother didn't drink alcohol - at all. Not once. She lived an notably stable life. She taught elementary school for many years and although she loved church, she knew that God was infinitely greater than religion. She was a much better, stronger, person than I am, because I've played around on the Dark Side a little too much. Her heart and mind were pure.
  • I'm much taller and louder than my father ever was.
  • My mom -speaks only vietnamese and yao -never a gymnast -born in South Korea -eyes are lighter than mine -shes 5'4 im 5'3 I -speak english vietnamese and yao -was a gymnast -born in vietnam -like to live life crazy!
  • I think we like to think we are different from our parents, but as we get older, we seem to mirror them more and more,..........
  • my mom and I are way different. She is very abusive and judgemental. she's critical of everyone and everything. I accept everyone. My mom expects perfection of me but it's ok if she doesn't do what's right. she is a religious fanatic and I am atheist. She supports criminal activity and I don't. she sweeps things under the carpet so she doesn't have to deal with them. I face them head on.. She waste money like crazy.. I buy only what is necessary. We could not be different.
  • uhmm pretty different.. we deffinetly have very opposite opinions on things, but in a lot of are emotinal ways we are pretty similiar.
  • My mother is a planner and if things dont go her way, **** hits the fan. I am not like that. I could care less how things go as long as they are going. She has OCD. I am like her in that way. I call her Momica, like Monica from Friends. If she goes shopping and picks up a can of corn and it is dented, she will not buy it. I do the same thing. She is obsessed with her weight. I am not. She counts calories, and all that crap. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. She uses her index fingers only when she types. I do not. The woman cant spell for the life of her. When I moved to Washington state and my parents were in Texas, I would get phone calls and she would ask me to spell a certain word. She is a clean freak. I like a house to look lived in. I am not gross or anything. I do my dishes, and such. I am just not into looking like I live in a magazine. She owns a Harley. I have no desire what-so-ever to ride a motorcycle. They terrify me. We do both have tattoo's. We both wiggle our fingers while we are falling asleep. And we are both jeans and t-shirts kinda girls. Wow... This is a great question. Made me want to give my mom a hug....
  • Mom is forever complaining that the only thing we have in common is that we are both females:) Our preferences are so different that my golden rule while shopping for her is to buy the stuff which I least like as she is certain to like it.:) Physically too I resemble my father. By nature she is timid, reserved and needs somebody to lean on while I do not take any nonsense from anyone and and generally am the person looked upon to solve problems. we are poles apart.
  • Im very different from my mother,I love kids she doesnt, she was abusive and controlling and im not. ive worked hard not to be like her.:)
  • My father worries about everything and I could care less about most of the stupid things he worries about.
  • My father worked very hard all his life.He was a child of the depression.He was driven to make sure we had everything we needed,NEEDED,not wanted.I sometimes wish things weren't as easy now for us.I work hard myself but it seems,for me anyway,that the reasons have changed from actually taking care of the family to keeping up with the Jones'.
  • mom was always a glass half-empty person I am like my dad..a glass half-full person I've had a much happier life than she simply because of this small difference in perception.
  • I've chosen to be around for my kids. He did not. Other than that I bet I'm pretty similar to what he was. He messed up.
  • By 21 years.
  • im a lot younger, different hair colour, didfferent features, different hobbies, different fashion sense
  • I am the complete opposite of my mother, WooHoo!!!!!!
  • My Dad keeps his house so clean, you wouldn't think that anyone actually lived there. I don't.
  • I'm not like my mother because: 1) I do not have an unhealthy obsession with my hair. 2) I am admittedly a picky eater. 3) I want to and will go to University and get a degree. 4) I could never work a 9 to 5 office job, I'd go nuts. 5) I'm the black sheep of the family. 6) I'm not racist (she has some issues with people of certain nationalities) 7) I don't like very many people. I could go on, but I won't bother. I'm even more different than my father and I am ashamed for being like either of them to any degree. I am not proud of what I seem to have inherited, and I hope to rid myself of it.
  • Unlike my mom, I am not crippled by paranoia and fear. I am free-spirited and adventurous. I live my life out loud as opposed to containing the best parts of my personality because I am afraid of what people will think of me. I differ from my dad because I pay my bills on time. I think I was adopted. :)

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