• This is a passage which explains how to be a good friend. I will try not to get to soppy and lovey dovey and keep details strictly to the cold hearted facts (actually, maybe I won't be that severe and detour from the cold and hard facts occasionally!). Step 1: I suggest that if you want to be a good friend you become friends with someone you actually like. This automatically eliminates all teachers, politicians and people who get rid of school holidays. Step 2: Once you have found someone you have things in common with, you should expand on this and get to know you friend better. Perhaps inviting her to sit next to you in maths or even talking to her now and then could help. Step 3: If you mutually decide you have some things in common, good - you have found yourself a nice new friend. If you don't have anything in common, don't worry and keep searching - there are plenty of other fish in the sea! Step 4: Now yes, this friend will require quite a large proportion of your time, because naturally both parties need to be enthusiastic for a friendship to blossom. This means that you will need to support your friend in all their chosen paths, but be prepared to advise them against treading through dangerous waters. Step 5: A friendship which is built upon mutual trust, respect, support and (my favourite) the acceptance of differences and the right to be an individual will foster other benefits such as loads of fun times where you party together or just hang out and share secrets (now don't deny it - these are the benefits that you were just itching to hear about!!) Step 6: Well, now that you've found a friend, you should work on keeping them (that is if want to be a good friend and not just a friend fling). My best word of advice would be to continue with the above steps, make your friend feel loved and wanted and show you do care about them. If they're down and feel like they have no one in the world, prove them wrong by rocking up to their house with a bunch of sunflowers and a bottle of wine (or cordial, depending on how old you and your friend are) and talk through their concerns with them. If you're no the flower type, take them out for a big night on the town for a sure fire way to lift their spirits! And so everyone, after almost three years I have finally completed my piece.(see, miracles do happen, this is living proof!). If you chose to take my advice and it sucessfully finds you a good friend, then I fulfilled my task!! I now wish to sign, stay cool and happy friend hunting:)
  • If you have to ask, they're not.
  • a good friend is defined in many way but the most is "to stick with you and not be aginst you"
  • Someone who will leave a relaxing fireplace after a long day to go out in the cold dark snowy winter to pull your car out of a ditch.
  • Very nice and really accessible people that you can talk to anytime about anything. They don't judge, they don't try to fix you, but just lends an ear to listen to you. They are loyal to the death and beyond.
  • Someone who you can feel comfortable just being yourself with (and they feel the same).
  • Someone who is always there for you, they supports me even though they don't like what I am doing, they share good times and the bad, they will listen to you, console and comfort you even if they disagree with you, they will be honest without being cruel, supportive without being smothering, and accept you for who you are not who you think you should be.
  • a good friend will bail you out of jail, and a really good friend will be sitting in jail with you. LOL!!
  • I think true friendships are formed not from the good times that we share...but the sharing of bad times...when people share their real selves and hard times and fears--that is to me the time that we bond:)
  • 3-7-2017 Good and bad are opinions, so you make up your own definitions as you go along.
  • a friend in need is a friend in deed

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