• If you neuter one of the males make sure you neuter the lowest in rank. Neutering might help. Do they fight whem they are alone?
  • Are your 2 male dogs the same breed? (brothers) If so that may have a lot to do with it. Or they are fighting over your female and your attention. If you do neuter one of your dogs the other will probably still want to fight. The best is to get them both neutered it will work out better in the long run. I hope this helps. I also have 2 male dogs and a female. My 2 males are brothers and started fighting over 3 years ago. And my vet told me to get them both fixed and it would make them clam down a little.
  • They see the the whole family as a pack, and the two males are fighting for dominance because they do not see you as the dominant onein the pack. You should look up some tips to change some of your behavior towards them, often when we think we are being nice to them, they see it as a sign of submission.
  • You need to get both males neutered. Gettingthe female spayed would prob calm the males down a bit but prob not altogether.
  • Unless you are a professional breeder and showing your dogs and bitch to win your titles, there is no logical reason NOT to spay the bitch and neuter the dogs. Granted, this won't change the ranking of any of them within their "pack." It will, however, cut back on a lot of the stimulations that prompt fighting and aggressive behaviors because the bitch will no longer pose a breeding option for them. Also, you will cut back hard on the opportunity for your bitch to get breast cancer or uterine cancer and for your dogs..cancer of the testis! Hugely, I'm telling really does help! Just so you know, the true ALPHA (dog or bitch) does not hold rank by starting fights. They rarely involve themselves in fighting, they reign with benevolence the vast majority of the time. It is the lower ranking "pack" members who get pissy and pick fights mostly with each other. Your best solution is to start a strong, regular training time with all three animals on a daily basis using positive reinforcement, +R, training. Work them one at a time ALONE. Once they are each very strong and clear on the lessons you might try working two of them (mix it up) together, but don't push it...set them up to be 100% successful FIRST. All the basics, Sit/lay down/STAY/get back/go get the ball/bring it here/find IT...these will give them SOMETHING ACCEPTABLE TO DO when they begin to act in unacceptable manners that you want to cheerfully INTERRUPT and redirect them to a praise worthy behavior. It will also build HEALTHY self esteem for all three dogs; with YOU as the over all pack leader. You might try using NILIF (modified is best in my opinion) Nothing In Life Is more about this training method on After all YOU are the source of all that is truly good in life after all...are you not?

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