• I would close in on him and make him do it himself :)
  • Blow him up.
  • Well first we would have to bring him back to life !!!
  • I'd make my very own concentration camp. Just for him. ;)
  • Stick him in a special room that is both a gas chamber and an oven...
  • I'd give an angry holocaust survivor all the weapons they wanted and leave Hitler tied up in a sealed room and have it video-taped to show to future dictators.
  • simple. rat poison.
  • Why in the hell would kill Hitler? The guy was a genius in many ways! The holocaust has still to be proven! 3 Europeans countries have reopened investigations last year! Beside if you'd have to kill Hitler, you'd have to kill Bush too then!
  • Stab him about 5 times, and let him bleed to death.
  • You silly, silly people. Everyone appears to be under the impression that germany was all nice and good and then hitler came along and went RAWR KILL THE JEWS. Hitler was around for a fair while and did a lot of good for germany. He was involved in setting up public transport-buses, o'bahn, trains. Was heavily involved with Volkswagen. Worked wonders for the way in which their economy was set up. It isn't easy to maintain a position of power in which others have extreme influence over you, and not become corrupted and do something silly like kill millions of people. *cough george bush cough* Oh, I would use an axe :P
    • Army Veteran
      What you're seeing are responses stemming from a one-sided history. They've been told all their lives that Hitler was the epitome of evil with no mention of opposing documented facts. You can't form an accurate viewpoint with one-sided facts. ¶ Another important aspect that figures into it is the exploitation of the emotional response. Since around the turn of the century (20th) and long before anyone heard of Hitler, the political Zionists were flooding the media with sympathetic stories of 6 million Jews being persecuted in Europe and threatened with extermination. History claims that it was a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the Jews so that a homeland for the Jews could be established in Palestine. But it wasn't to create a homeland for the Jews - it was to establish a political state in Palestine where the Zionists could become a powerful state and the British could get rich exploiting the area's natural resources. Had they (Zionists) been honest from the beginning, they wouldn't have stood a chance to create the Jewish state of Israel - no one would have supported the creation of a political state. But they were quickly responsive to the plight of the persecuted Jews, and this is why the Zionists used this angle, instead. Their very existence is through the use of sympathy. If you can make people feel sorry for you, you can wrap them around your finger and get them to do anything for you. ¶ To drive that last statement home, see how political correctness has all but destroyed the morals of society. People are forced to put up with things they can see for themselves as being wrong - just for the sake of not offending someone.
  • Simple shot to the heart.
  • Beat him to deah with a really big menorah. =P
  • I'd let Israel decide his method of execution.
  • I'm stealing from Adam Sandler but shoving a pineapple up his ass every day at 3:00 would eventually kill him.
  • Tell him his parents were jewish, that oughta cook him
  • Piece by piece and as drawn out as possible. Grrrrr.....
  • In a heartbeat...
  • I thought the dude was already dead.
  • I wouldn't. Without Hitler where/when he was, the world would not be the same, and MANY of our technological breakthroughs would not have happened in the growing technological race that determined the victor of the war.
  • i would make him wip himself then have a punch any were on the body by every jew in this world!!!!!!!!!! now thats big!
  • I would not take another's life for it is not in my nature and to me killing another human being solves nothing.So much for passivity which is sadly looked down upon as a weakness when in truth takes a lot of strength.With an eye for an eye attitude we all would soon be blind.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I agree with you and we think alike.
  • I'm not sure it would have been possible. He escaped so many attempts and incidents that it appears he was chosen by Fate for the role he performed. That's not so far fetched when you consider that the Nation of Israel would never have come to be in 1947 if he had NOT ordered the Holocaust. And without a reborn Israel, God's Plan could not have been set into motion in this century.
  • When I was a kid, I had it all worked out. I'd hang him naked from the ceiling in a harness that would leave his hands free. The room would be about 110F. I'd paint him with poison ivy extract, then let in a bunch of mosquitoes, bees and fire ants.
  • i would sew his ass together and keep feeding him rip off his mustache and then whip him to death
  • something really bad, put him in a jail cell and infect him with something like ebola, real bad death
  • Well, if I saw Hitler with his back to me, I would take out a throwing knife, a shotgun, and a bazooka. First, I would throw the knife at him, saying "That is for all the soldiers that died at your hands!" Then, I would blast his head with the shotgun saying "That is for the Jews that died!" And finnaly, I would load the bazooka saying "And this is because you are the stupidest, evil, bloodthirsty, most insane man in the 20th century!" And I would fire the bazooka, making Hitler explode into a million tiny pieces. P.S.: (excuse me for my violence)
  • Roast his body in an oven while gassing his head.
  • Go back in time and murder his great-great grandfather. That way, you prevent his conception from ever occurring.
    • Army Veteran
      That would make you a murderer. You have just become what you claim to oppose.
  • We'd make him play through all of portal, then the still alive and flash version bonus maps, then portal 2 when it comes out.
  • In a roisterer maybe?
  • Stick him in the gas oven to see how he likes it.
    • Army Veteran
      LOL! - "gas oven"? Get an education.
  • With a quick, painless 45 bullet to the head. And I would need $18 million to offset the guilt. (I would ONLY kill him, if just for 18 million $, because he's Hitler, and therefore, extremely evil)
  • Do what Albert Einstein did in Red Alert, build a time machine then go back in time to wish him luck and shake his hand, thus for some inexplicapble way shocking him and killing him. Then the soviet union invades europe instead.
  • it is very difficuilt to kill dead people
  • I would gather some Jewish women 12 in total, I shall give to each 12 inch black rubber dildo, I'll shoot Hilter in the legs and let the women beat him to Death with the black 12inch dildos.
  • So you think killing people who kill people shows that killing people is wrong?
  • I'd shove Thinker up his ass, so he couldn't shit, and when he finally managed to, Thinker, his backed up fecal matter, and his brain would all come out in one nasty nuclear event. (mostly from the awful smell of Thinker)
  • I know there are some old questions on answerbag but really haven't you heard he's already dead
    • Linda Joy
  • He's already dead.
  • ...And this, people, is why civilization is in a state of degradation and is so easily influenced by Liberalism. Anyone with common sense needs to stand back because there's about to be a massive trainwreck...
  • He is history. There’s no point bringing him up in this question of yours that provokes offensive responses when some people have violent minds on here. Hitler is long gone.
  • Thanks to Joseph Stalin, he killed Hitler mentally when Berlin fell to the Soviet army, leaving Hitler to commit suicide in his bunker. Much respect to the Soviets: 💪
    • Army Veteran
      You seem to adore Stalin. Do you know anything about the Holodomor? It was a man-made famine that killed millions of people in Ukraine in 1932-33 - this was Stalin's doing. Then there was the Katyn Forrest massacre where 22,000 Polish military officers were murdered in 1943 - also Stalin's doing. Then there were the final days of the war when Germany was attacking the Soviet Union and the Soviet soldiers were being threatened with, "you either stay and get killed by the Germans or we'll kill you if you don't". Have you never noticed (or just don't care) that Youtube is okay with Soviet genocide and everything that supports the western narrative but censors everything that shows Germany in a defensive light? You can say that it's because Germany killed millions of Jews, but without the opportunity to examine and dispute that claim, it becomes nothing more than speculation - one that can never be resolved because it leans favorably in the direction of the western narrative. This is what I meant when I've always said that WW2 was the only one-sided event in history. Everywhere you look, the same thing happens. The narrative leans one way and to question any of it leads to accusations of "antisemitism". This, in itself, should raise all kinds of red flags. The truth fears no investigation. Yet, you have the purveyors of "antisemitism" and all things Jewish dictating what is allowed and what isn't. So where do you lean on the current Ukraine issue? Do you favor the West's position to oppose Putin, or are you still loyal to Russia?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      There is no need to cry about it. Every country has a dark side. The American Civil War is a good example in how slavery played the central role. Nazi Germany launched a surprise attack against the Soviet Union, known as Operation Barbarosa in 1939 - its supposedly ally in the war of Poland. The German attack on the Soviet Union marked a turning point in both the history of WW2 and the Holocaust. BTW, Putin is irrelevant in this subject. The question asks about Hitler who is in the history books of World War II.
  • I'd just wait to be born 17 years after he killed himself.
  • That has already been done. They say he did it himself. 12/8/22
  • Either with a time machine or with an Adolf Hitler.
  • Drown him in dirty disgusting sex parts and large intestines. That seems more fitting than anything else.
    • Army Veteran
      Can you prove he did anything wrong? The only "proof" of his "guilt" is hearsay evidence, first by the Soviets, and then by the entire Western world. There is documented evidence that proves just the opposite but it is nearly impossible to access because it doesn't support the one-sided narrative that people have been taught to recite in such discussions. Instead, photos depicting piles of people's belongings (that have no direct connection to gas chambers or any other instrument of death) are offered as "proof". People are *told* a sad story with tear-jerking music in the background. It's indoctrination through the power of suggestion.

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