• I agree 100% with the announcers.
  • Oh its an absolute outrage! Not only should the chinese girl not have won the gold in the tie breaker, there shouldn't have been a tie in the 1st place. Like the announcers said the chinese had more visible mistakes on a weaker routine! This is just as bad as the outrages results n the vault when the American Alicia, performed 2 very good vaults and landed very good and was knocked out of medal contention by a chinese girl who fell on her landing (actually landed on her knees) and a north korean who landed out of bounds twice! There is a clear bias and the judging is absolute b.s. No 1 watching these olympics can argue that. As 4 the age of the chinese its already bn established, the girl who was just horribly awarded the gold over Nastia, was 1 of chinas "ten big new stars" just 9 months ago when she was reportedly only 13 yrs old! and that was by a chinese newspaper! Make no mistake that the chinese have been plotting and scheming since they were awarded the olympics 7 years ago. What we r watching is an illusion of a fair competition and can b proved 2 the viewers by such outrages as the vault by Alicia and the uneven bars by Nastia. Not 2 mention the whole opening ceremony was b.s, they've already admitted that the fire works we seen were not the actual fireworks display put on n china but special effects put on by media coverage, and the list goes on. Not only should America b outraged, but the world should be, and we should demand more 4 the olympics! Even if we shouldn't have expected from the home of the olympics this year! And another thing 4 the record, were supposed to be so proud and happy about how the chinese spent over 40 billion dollars 2 put on these olympics. But im not impressed @ all. Far from it, cause America spends 12 billion a month upholding democracy and freedom in a 4gotten region n the world. !12 billion a month! We could have put a better olympics 2gether 600 times by now. So spare me the b.s. I just cannot describe the anger and dissapointment that fills me while watching this travesty take place. And im more dissapointed in the world 4 letting this happen, because I expected more from the world during the olympics!
  • YES theres a huge favoritism in favor of the chinese athletes,example 1: THE JUDGES: giving high scores to chinese athletes, 2: NO ATHELETE can celebrate a victory as a chinese athelete, this happen with a few of athletes like the mexican guy who won a gold medal in taekwandoo, he was celebreting his victory 'til this guys took his flag and stoped him. 3:THE AGE. we all can tell that those little girls are under 14. and many many many more. tHIS SHOULD BE CALLED THE CHINESE GAMES INSTEAD OF THE OLYMPICS
  • as far as i'm concerned...the commentators never stop talking about's really annoying..always complimenting the U.S. teams and bringing them up even if they aren't playing..i haven't heard about the chinese girls thing yet but the announcers keep insulting other countries..and i just wanna smack them with the mics
  • My thought exactly. I felt bad for Nastia and she is feeling it. Dont know why they could not just give 2 gold. Well I heard there was 3 that were not 16 and one in paticular that was a child prodigy in china and she is 13 and it is one that had won I believe. What happened to honesty. Well maybe the next Olympics will be different.

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