• It depends on the damage
  • Actually, the price depends on whether or not you or someone else has opened the PS2 previously (duly noted by the void sticker on the back of the console being misplaced or removed altogether) and messed with the insides. If you have messed with the insides (modding, for instance) you can send it in to Sony and expect to get it back with a bill charging you with diagnostic fees (not including shipping charges, mind you). If you have not messed with the insides of your beloved machine, you can simply call Sony on their VERY convenient, toll free help line, give your information (serial number, model number, and the problem that ails you) and they will email you a form that you will need to print off and fill out restating the information given (make sure to keep a copy for yourself). Now comes the time when you have to send it. Depending on how you want your PS2 shipped, the mail carrier will give you various shipping options that vary in price points. If you meet all the aformentioned requirements (neither you nor anyone else has ever touched the inside of your PS2) shipping is the only price you have to pay. Sony will pay the price for the parts, repairs and return shipping (via UPS) and all you have to do, gentle gamer, is wait. Your old PS2 will have renewed spirit plus a refreshed 90-day warranty behind it. You can try local repair shops...but nothing really beats getting your system repaired by Sony's trained professionals for an estimate of USD $15.00.
  • Well I didnt have a warrenty sticker on mine so it would cost me 85 bucks plus S+H. So im thinkin of just takin mine to a shop instead of sony.
  • WELL I WENT TO THE MALL AND WENT TO EB GAMES THEY FIXED MY PS2 LASER LIGHT FOR 20$tops maybe more depending on whats the problemo

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