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  • Leave him its not worth it to be hummilited all your life. Im sure you are a wonderful person and no one deserves to be put down
  • he doesn't respect you.. he puts you down to make himself look better and superior. believe me.. get out while you can.
  • Some boys aren't very good at being nice to girls. Lads together communicate by making fun of each other all the time. Boys have to learn a whole new type communication when it comes to girls and it takes time.
  • He does it because he is insecure with himself,Dont let anyone treat u that way,tell him to hit the door,u have to love yourself enough not to let anyone put u thru that..HUgs sent!-break up with him, immediately or talk to him about it and if it dont change then tell him to go.cause if u love him it will be kinda hard to jus leave him.Also teh way he treated u may affect your future relationships and how u see yourself.
  • that is emotional abuse. Do not confuse love with abuse. Love does not abuse. It is hard as hell to leave a relationship but for your peace of mind and emotional mind you have to leave. Emotional abuse will eventually turn into physical abuse. I KNOW..TRUST ME. You are better than that and you don't have to live like that. Call a domestic abuse hotline and tell them you need help getting out..they will help out but do it now. the longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave. I know.
  • It depends how you feel about it.
  • Does it affect your ability to form a question? I'm not sure what you're asking.- - But at a guess I'll say that if YOU feel it's playful poking fun and you take in fun (and maybe give back to him in kind) then it's fine. . But - and it's an important "but" - if YOU feel it's hurtful or it stings you then you should ask him to stop. If he doesn't or tries to convince you that your feelings are wrong then I would consider splitting up. In this second case, he may or may not not mean it as abuse. But that's not all that important - what is important is that it hurts you and there is no reason you should put up with continuous hurt - it's bad for you.
  • That is not affection. It's verbal abuse.

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